Welcome to Oinusianian

by Danilo Dominici, Taj Ross

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Welcome to the beautiful country of Oinusianian

Do you want to learn about the best country in the world? The country of Oinusianian has beautiful lakes, rivers, beaches, forests, and mountains that are known around the world as one of the most beautiful mountains in the planet. Our population of 70 million people (growing everyday) loves to ski on the mountains. The primary language in this beautiful country is Latin, but at school every single citizen has to learn German, Greek and English. The school in our country is very demanding, so the country has a new smart generation, every generation, so every citizen is required to attend school until they are 14. At the age of 16 boys are forced to join the military, or pay a $25000 fine (during war if you are a boy you HAVE to go to war if needed), for at least 4 years boys have to stay in the military (during war may stay in the military for longer that 4 years), for girls at the age of 18 you have to sign up. If you wish to become an officer in the military you will be able to do college that is payed by the government, but if you spend 4 years in college that is 4 extra years in the military. Everyone receives free health care (except if you have more than 3 surgeries in one calendar year). The retiring age for women is 55 years old and for man is 69 years old. Everyone pays 50% of their salary to the government. The type of government is monarchy

Six freedoms

  • The right to go to another country and stay there, but you are not allowed to come back to our beautiful country.
  • Ask for a loan*
  • If you are a child you do not have to work until you are 16
  • If you're a female you have the right to choose not to go the military until you are 18
  • If it's not war, citizens have the right to not allow soldiers to stay in their house.
  • You have the right to torture someone if you have enough information**

*You will have to pay it back within 6 months.

** The government will do it for you.

Four things that are illegal

  • Freedom of speech
  • Learn a curriculum that was not provided by the current king.
  • Protest against the government
  • Buy things that are from another country*

* Such as buying things from Amazon USA

Type of government

We choose monarchy, but the parliament doesn't have much power over the king. We didn't choose democracy because that would give too much power for the people. We didn't choose oligarchy because we don't have enough power, or trusted people to have a group. We don't have dictatorship because we are not sure if the person I want (my son) would take over. And we didn't pick theocracy for the government of our country, because we don't have a main religion.

System of Governemt

The system of government in our country is unitary, because we need to have lots of control over the people, federal system and parliamentary wouldn't give me enough power, and confederations we would need to unite with other countries.

Type of economy

Socialism is the chosen kind of economy for my country, because other countries that do it works perfectly, and so that people have more free stuff. Communism would not work because no one would have freedom. Capitalism would not work because, we would not have enough power.

What are some fun things to do in our country?

  • We have mountains to ski
  • We have the beach to swim.
  • We have museums about the history of Oinusianian
  • We have the Oinusianian soccer league
  • We have the Oinusianian football league
  • The Oinusianian water park has really wet, and fun attractions
  • The Oinusianian theme park has really cool roller coasters