Stop the Violence in Sports!

By: Erin Chandler

When watching sports most individuals feel like it is just part of the game. That the players are supposed to be aggressive because that is how they win. What most people don't know is that most on-field violence can continue off-field.

When You Are Pain to Hit People it it Not Always Easy to Stop

It is hard to not take your work home with you. Some players are really aggressive on the field or at work outs and sometimes they are the ones that continue to be that way at home as well (Kluger, 2014). I am not saying that the reason some football players get into trouble outside of the game is because of the aggression in the game itself, but it could be a contributing factor.
If we can decrease the aggression in the game or increase the punishments this can help possibly help in the long run. There was a website that revealed football as being the most lawbreaking sport in America, with a rate of 2,465.8 arrests per 100,000 population (Kluger, 2014). Also if we are able to bring down the aggression in the game there may be less injuries and concussions.


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