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Did I get Scammed On The Price?

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I like to make my purchases online and this time it was an adjustable dumbbell. I was looking for something that allows me to change on the fly to any weight I desire with ease. According to my experience as a weight lifting fanatic, nothing does this better than Bowflex.

Best Places to Buy Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

You have a few options

One you can buy from They tend to have pretty good prices...See Here

Another option is to buy from Bowflex's Official Website. Little safer in regards to warranty. See there Official website here

Despite having some knowledge on Bowflex adjustable dumbbell could do, I still couldn't help some online research for any updates. I wasn't wrong, Bowflex adjustable dumbbells still came at the top. According to many, it was the best. Price is out of the question and the fact that it delivers best when it comes to performance, I realized it is worth more than its price tag.

I also noticed that every website has its price and as a habit I can't let go, I chose to make the purchase from a website that I hear has the most affordable prices. I thought, I had it all till I talked to a friend who told me he bought the same model at a cheaper price from a different website.

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Well, I must confess that I was little disappointed that after a long research, I still couldn't see what was right under my nose. Guess where he bought it from, It might look like I am exaggerating, but stands out when it comes to better prices. Yo can see the prices here

However, I didn't regret having the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell in my possession. Unlike other adjustable dumbbells on the market, I came to understand why these simple yet convenient equipment gets all the credits.


Whether you are looking for a home gym or just tired of going to fitness centers, new Bowflex adjustable dumbbells will keep your workouts indoors, why? Unlike other fitness machines, Bowflex is designed for a limited space, it is easy to adjust and lastly comes with 15 sets of weights that are quite convenient for both beginners and pros. Here are some of the reasons fitness fanatics can't just do without it.


You might achieve more or less from your workouts depending on the morale. Compared to other home gyms like barbells, adjustable dumbbells allows you to change positions. Your hands are not fixed in one place, hence works quite well for your joints. The fact that it allows you to change positions reduces the stress on joints that are common with barbells and the rest. As a result, using adjustable dumbbells prevents injuries that might not be good, especially if you are aiming to achieve more.


Among the major drawbacks when it comes to lifting weights without a spotter around is that accidents can occur. Adjustable dumbbells don't allow you to lose balance since it is easier to toss off unlike when you have heavy barbells on your back.

If you try to compare those who use barbells with those who use adjustable dumbbells without a trainer around you will notice that the latter have a balanced shape since adjustable dumbbells are easier to balance.


What makes these stand out compared to other fitness machines is that they are adjustable. They are easier to use meaning that you don't require a trainer or a spotter around you. The Bowflex adjustable dumbbells allow you to try different weights.

It comes with 15 sets of weights that you can easily change by just turning a dial. The Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are quite convenient for beginners and those who are looking to try different weights with an aim of testing their progress.
Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

The reason fitness centers appear to be more convenient is that you will find all fitness machines required for all sorts of exercises. If you have to do your workouts at home, you will need to buy more than one fitness machine. This is where adjustable dumbbells come in handy.

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With Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, you can easily do a variety of exercises depending on your preference since it allows you to change positions easily. You can do kickbacks, bicep curls and more. As a result, it gives your body the workouts it needs, hence saves you the cost of spending on several machines.


Compared to bench press and other workouts, exercising with dumbbells allows you to achieve maximum muscle development. It is easier to use and most importantly, it doesn't require a lot of work to adjust, change weights and more. As a result, it allows you to focus on your workouts.

It also enables you to change to several positions easily, meaning that you can work on more than one muscle at a time. As a result, it makes it easier to tone several muscles in one session without getting bored since it is also easier to use.


Most of the time it isn't about the type of equipment that keeps home gyms outdoors, but space. These dumbbells require very limited space meaning that you can do your workouts in your bedroom, kitchen or any other part of the house you consider convenient. Unlike treadmills, squat racks and more which are larger in size,They can be stored anywhere.

In summary, Bowflex adjustable dumbbells allow you to do your exercises anywhere with ease. They don't require much space, allows you to do a variety of workouts and most importantly comfortable. If you don't like outdoor workouts at the same time prefer a simple yet efficient fitness machine, then Bowflex adjustable dumbbells would make a better choice.

If you decided to purchase some dumbbells please come back and leave a comment and lets us know your thoughts

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Read below to learn more about the Bowflex brand of dumbbells and how they can help you maximize your workouts at home, or in the gym.

Welcome to our website devoted to Bowflex dumbbells. Here you will be able to find valuable information about Bowflex dumbbells and other styles of dumbbells to make your workout sessions more successful.

With a wide variety of suppliers along with the advantages it can provide, this dumbbell will help you achieve the type of body that you desire without making it hard for you. Having your own Bowflex dumbbells is just like having a complete dumbbell collection without the fuss and buzz because it is really a space-saving and very ideal choice of fitness device.

Having an ideal pair of adjustable dumbbell is primarily one of the first things that you should pay attention to if you are really interested to start on with a home gym. This type of dumbbell is something that is worthy indeed to consider particularly if your home gym is just a small space in your home.

This is a space-saving alternative for strength training session’s right in your own home. It is useful, adaptable, and most of all economical when considering the number of exercises that you can accomplish. It gives you the chance to find something for your work out intentions that would not hurt your pocket at the same time.

About Bowflex Dumbbells

This type of dumbbells is the best alternative for traditional high-end dumbbells that you can see in most commercial workout gyms. They allow fast switching of weights made easier by its small compact design.

This is also referred to as new and fresh Selectech Dumbbells by manufacturer and since its introduction has entirely captured the attention of home gym aspirants who desire to have something quite unique and space saving.

Features of Bowflex Dumbbells

  • Comes in three varying weight ranges
  • Great looking design and impressive ergonomics
  • Professional style grip that is only found in many high-end and costly equipments featured in most exclusive and high-class work out gyms
  • Easy to use and allows changing without any difficulty; it provides the chance to change weights in very fast manner
  • There is no worry of encountering mishaps along the way provided you follow the safety precautions because the pieces are stable and rock-solid
  • Space saving- you never have to worry of occupying a whole side of the gym space simply to accommodate dumbbell racks, which is the common thing that happens since you need to have something to hold the pair of weights for every 5 pound augmentation
  • Cost effective since it comes with a price tag that compensates well enough the positive gains that you are out to enjoy and get real benefit from.

Advantages From Bowflex Dumbbells

  • It has the capability to provide strength training enthusiasts to have something that can provide them complete workout starting from the arms to the calves. It is indeed a functional piece of workout apparatus
  • This piece allows a person to work out within a longer range of motion
  • It provides the easiness to give the chance for each side to work separately, which is not possible by using barbells. With this, one can effortlessly require both sides to work in co-ordination.
  • Bowflex dumbbells are easy to carry so there is no reason to fret if you have to take it along to a friend’s home gym in case you want to have your own when working out with a group
  • Allows the possibility to reach muscles in all angles, which is very much impossible when you are using barbells
  • There is less worry that your strength will outgrow the weight of your dumbbell

Why Buy Bowflex Dumbbells?

  1. One of the main reasons that make Bowflex dumbbells such a great buy is with regards to its price tag. It’s just like paying a one-time fee of a few hundred dollars for equipment that you can use to work on a variety of muscle groups. Something that is far from the thousands of dollars that you are likely to spend on a multitude of exercise equipment's to achieve the same objectives.
  2. The bottom line falls on the reality that it is adjustable and with this feature comes the mountain full of benefits that a work out enthusiast can surely get pleasure from.