Hotels Gone Green!

How hotels use Eco friendly materials to construct a hotel.

The Orchard Hotel

The Orchard Hotel was built in 2006. To build their hotel they used concrete made from fly ash, a byproduct of recycling coal, and wood approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. They also used debris from landfills by recycling materials back to the manufacturing process. The constructors well-insulated the building so there is less need for heating and cooling.
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Hotel Tierra Patagonia is located in South America. Inside are wooden walls to keep the insulation steady so there is less need for energy use. The furnishings and textiles were handmade by Chilean craftspeople. These people used natural materials from the region and had pure work ethics.
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Proximity Hotel

The Proximity Hotel was built to use 40% less energy and 30% less water than other hotels. This hotels guide lines follows the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. They used the first installation of the regenerative for Otis' Gen2 elevator. This reduces net energy by "feeding" the captured energy back into the building to be reused. Also there are 100 solar panels to generate heat for water.
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