Incentive Time!

UK/EU 1st Impressions Team, this is for YOU!

Dear UK/EU 1st Impressions,

We made it to October! Welcome to our best selling Quarter of the year!!!

Because we believe so much in each of YOU, our beloved international team, AND because we treasure working our businesses around our lives and creating joy and memories along the way, we're rolling up our sleeves to help you make this YOUR best season.

After that, it's time to CELEBRATE!

Your American Leaders are coming to visit YOU!

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Qualify to join us for an Exclusive Vineyard Tour in Burgundy!

We want as many of you to come as possible!

Let's connect, share best practices, laugh, and live life brilliantly TOGETHER!

What do you need to do to earn the invite?


To qualify for the incentive, stylists must do ONE of the following:

1. Book and hold 12 qualified trunk shows from Oct. 1 - Dec. 31
2. Book and hold 8 qualified trunk shows Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 AND Sponsor 1+
3. Promote to your next Pay Rank in October, November, or December.

For NEW STYLISTS who begin during the incentive period (Oct. 1 - Dec. 31), qualifications are:

1. Achieve the Quick Start Bonus and Sponsor 1 (Quick Start Bonus = Sell 1000 qv in your first 30 days of business and also receive £70 in product credit)
2. Reach level 3 in Jumpstart sales (Sell 10,000 qv in your Jumpstart and also get 20% of PRV in Product Credit)

* One qualified trunk show = 300 pqv and 4 individual orders

** All Qualified Trunk Shows and New Stylists must appear in the Lounge by 12/31 at 11:59pm FR; 10:59pm UK

Earners will receive:

An Exclusive 1st Impressions Team Vineyard Tour:
The tour includes departure from Dijon in the late morning of March 10th with a Burgundy wine expert as chauffeur and guide. The guide will take you to some of the most famous vineyards in the world, including past the vineyard where the most expensive wine in the world is made, and explain the complexities unique to Burgundy wine. Around noon, the group will meet at a small, family-run winery for a tour of the wine making facilities (including the cellar) followed by a multi-course lunch paired with the winemaker's wines.
After lunch, there will be a grand cru chocolate tasting with an artisanal chocolate maker in Burgundy before returning to Dijon in the late afternoon.

A Morning of Training: The next day your US Leaders and some from the Home Office will lead the group in steps to explode your business! This exclusive, EU 1st Impressions Team, small-group training will last roughly 4 hours and will put YOU at the head of your game with action plans to reach your goals and well-deserved rewards.


THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2016: Vineyard Tour around Burgundy

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016: Morning-Afternoon Training in Dijon

Fine Print:

Your vineyard tour and lunch will be paid for.
The training, meeting space and refreshments will be taken care of.

Qualified Stylists will be responsible for:
  1. Transportation to/from the Burgundy area.
  2. Hotel overnight (We will work to find the best prices at various B&Bs, inns, hotels for you to choose from. Consider sharing a room with a teammate to lower costs!)
  3. Your own dinner bill Thursday, March 10th. (We will plan the dinner but stylists will be required to pay for your own portion.)

The excursions we've done like this in the US have been an enormous boost to the growth of our businesses so we wanted to introduce this fun business and team-building element to you all. Your investment in time and money will be returned plus some from your commissions and will help you and your team thrive exponentially. We hope you will join us for this very special experience!

We couldn't be more excited to hop the pond, come visit you, and celebrate your fantastic efforts and results!


Carrie, Melissa & Lindsay!