African Proverbs

Similar Sayings & Meanings

He Who Brings Kola Brings Life

- Breaking the kola nut was an honor, and doing so, people pray to their ancestors for life, health, and protection.  Similar Saying: Gathering Your Loved Ones Makes A Better Bond.

You Can Tell A Ripe Corn By Its Look

-It  means if you see someone wearing something very fancy and nice you know that they are rich or wealthy. Also means you can tell if a person is nice, mean, sad, happy, glad, confused, shocked, excited, frustrated, friendly , etc. just by looking at them.  Similar Saying: Judge A Book By Its Cover.

When A Man Says Yes His Chi Says Yes Also

-Trust Your Conscience. When a man says "yes" his spirit will therefore guide and lead him in his endeavor. It is all about when you say yes, does everything else say yes also. For example you're hungry but your stomach is not agreeing with you.  Similar Saying- Listen To Your Hart.

A Baby On Its Mother's Back Does Not Know That The Way Is Long

Achild that is led by his mother does not know how long it will last. Some children always follow their mother and don't know where they're going to get to. Sometimes you have to branch off from your mother and be your own person. As a baby you don't know your future or how far you're going to get in life.  Similar Saying- "Pay Attention!" At All Moments Of The Day You Are Either Leading Or Being Led."

A Child Cannot Pay For Its Mother's Milk

-Meaning that if your mother did something you cannot take the blame, or your mother's milk is yours why pay for something you already own?  Similar Saying- Don't Blame Yourself For Someone Elses Mistakes.