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Conditions overseas in China

Living Conditions

Workers stay in dormitories housing 100 people, where some sleep eight to a room. They suffer disturbed rest because the rooms are shared by a mixture of day and night shift staff.
Workers expected to be poisoned are pushed out of the plant before they showed signs of illness. They were forced to sign papers saying they would not hold the company accountable. The workers left with money that they got in exchange for their life and health, with medical costs that they have to pay for the rest of their lives
Because of poor pay and 11-hour shifts, married workers had no choice but to leave their children in their rural homes.
The workers share a bathroom. The toilet and the shower are not separate
The hallways were damp and badly lit
This is the dorm laundry area

Working Conditions

Workers stand for 11-hour shifts, and work without adequate protective equipment, which put them at risk from chemicals, noise, and lasers.
Staff are asked to sign a two-year contract, pay significant sign up fees, plus they are also charged to process identification documents, open bank accounts for wages, and for intrusive medical examinations.
Staff sign confidentiality agreements, and undergo security checks on entering and leaving the plant.
In 2010, 137 workers were injured after being forced to use a poisonous chemical to clean IPhone screens.
Workers are only paid around 245$ a month.
In 2010 alone, 18 workers committed suicide, and instead of improving working conditions, they set up suicide nets so workers can't commit suicide on the job.