Being a Good Digital Citizen

how can you be a good digital citizen?

To be a good citizen you need to do these things :

1) you don't post anything horrible online

2) you need to respect the laws online and don't do anything illegal online

3) you need to be careful what you post because predators will observe and find you one way or another

Cyber Bullying

Be careful with cyber bullying

If someone from a random email or phone number contacts you in any way ignore it.

If there is someone that is saying mean things to you ignore it, they are purposely trying to agrivate you so you can imbarise you self on the social media sight or chat room you are on.

If you are a victom of cyber bullying speak up contact a responsible adult like a family member or a really close familly friend. They can go to the athorities or the persons parents. Make sure that you don't turn back on the person and now your are on their level.

SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!

If you have a friend that is a witness of cyber bullying stand up be an upstander not a bystander. Don't forget to STAND UP AND SPEAK UP!!!!!

Copyright and Plagiarism

Everyone has digital rights. But you need to learn the end of those rights. For instants Plagiarism or Copyright, they both are illegal to use be careful. If you post a video that some one else created you need to give them credit for their work or that would be copyright. If you have to do an essay and want to be lazy. Then you go on a website and copy down everything without giving the people credit then that would be plagiarism.
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