Physical Therapy

RaeAnne Hankla

Just Read Why You Should be a Physical Therapist!

If you love working with a variety of people, making new friends every day, and making people feel better a physical therapist job is for you! Being a physical therapist means you can live anywhere! You don’t have to stay in your little apartment in New York City, you could move to anywhere and there is bound to be an open physical therapist business. You would also have patients as young as 3 years old to 90 something! Working with that much of a variety of people really helps you understand everyone in the world because you’ll be spending so much time with them! As you can see being a physical therapist is really a great thing!

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Why do I want to be a Physical Therapist? Read Below!

Last year I had tendonitis in my ankles, so I had to go to physical therapy. While I was there the therapists were so much fun and really made me feel better. They were always laughing and joking around, and that's my kind of enviroment. I want to be able to make people feel better like how they made me feel. That would be amazing. I want to be able to make people smile even though they are in pain and I want to make them 100% better.

RaeAnne Hankla

I hope this flyer made you somewhat intrested in Physical Therapy! (but don't try to steal my job!)