Newsletter 5/2-5/6

Mrs. Eaton's Class


This week students will be learning about animal adaptations. We will be looking at different structures on plants and learning about their functions. The class will be comparing a cactus and a flowering plant. They will see how each of their structures help them survive in their habitats.


It is our last week before STAAR! This week the class will be learning about finance (saving, spending, income, credit, ...etc.) and reading/interpreting graphs (pictographs and bar graphs). Throughout the week the class will be playing review games with math vocabulary learned throughout the year and completing various word problems.

Social Studies

Students will be looking at advertisements in preparation of making their own for Market Day! The class will be creating a "rough draft" of the advertisement of their product/service. Students will be receiving the rubric on what I will be looking for when grading the advertisements.


This will be the last week of spelling tests for the year. HOWEVER, the 3rd grade Spelling Bee is on May 27th. Students will be receiving the spelling bee list this week! We will be completing spelling activities with these words for the next few weeks. Students must participate in the spelling bee within each class, but will only be receiving a participation grade. I will be explaining everything to the class this week. The top two spellers in each class will participate in the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee.


This week we will review comprehension strategies students are expected to use on the STAAR test. Also, the class will be reading poems throughout the week to review poetry vocabulary (line, stanza, imagery, ...etc.)

STAAR Information

Math STAAR- May 9

Reading STAAR- May 10

Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast in the morning. They will need to bring a healthy snack to eat during the test. Stay away from messy snacks! I encourage all the students to get to bed early... I know some students will be a little nervous. Please just encourage your child to take their time, show all strategies, and do their best! That is all we can ask for! I know they will do great!

OSE will be closed to ALL visitors on these two days. You will not be allowed to come up and eat with your child.