5th Grade Band Notes

November 13, 2014

Make-Up Lessons Tomorrow

Since there was no school on Tuesday, all Tuesday lesson groups will have their band lessons TOMORROW. Please remind your son or daughter to bring their instrument and music to school tomorrow if they are in a Tuesday lesson group.

Lesson Schedule

After-School Band

Our first after-school band rehearsal last week was a smashing success! These rehearsals are the only time we are able to come together as a full band to practice our concert music. Please try to avoid any after-school conflicts so that your child can be there every week.

*Some students have been asking if we would have a make-up after-school rehearsal this week since there was no school on Tuesday. We will NOT. Our next after-school rehearsal will be our regularly scheduled one next Tuesday the 18th.

After-School Band Information Page

What to Practice

We are in our 9th week of lessons and the students are progressing very nicely. After this week, the students have 4 more lessons before our concert in December. Here is what they should be practicing at home:

1) Their Holiday Packets- Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Jingle Bells, and Up on the Housetop

2) Their piece of yellow sheet music- "Angels on Parade"

3) Songs from their red book- #5, #12, #17, #19, #20, #27, The Dreidl Song

First Concert Set List

It Gets Easier!

I can honestly say that the most difficult part of band is over. Learning the fundamentals of playing an instrument and reading music is truly equivalent to learning a new language in my opinion. The students have learned a crazy amount of information in just two months and I am so proud of them for that! We have now reached the point where the progression of material introduced to them will be significantly slower and easier to understand. If anybody is feeling overwhelmed, it is completely normal! I promise that it will be easier from here on out.

Extra Help before or after school

I want every single student in band to succeed and to understand everything completely. If your child feels like they are falling behind or feels like they are confused by some of the songs we are playing, I would be happy to work with them before or after school to help them get caught up.

I have already been working with a few students outside of school and this allows us to just go nice and slow and make sure that he or she understands everything completely.

Please contact me to set-up a time if you are interested.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

I would be happy to meet with you during parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's progress in band. When you sign up for a time with your child's classroom teacher, feel free to sign up for a time with me as well.

Note: I will be at Schiesher on Tuesday morning. I will be splitting time between the Junior High and the High School on Monday

Schiesher Holiday Band and Chorus Concert

Wednesday, December 17th

Schiesher Elementary School Large Gym

6:30 PM