The Benefits of Physical Activity

Being Active Can Help You Mentally, Physically, and Socially

We all know the numerous physical benefits of being physically active, but you probably don't know the plentiful mental and social benefits.

Physical Benefits

The most obvious way you can benefit from physical activity is an increase in physical health and appearance. Being physically active can help you control your weight, and increase the strength of your muscles and bones. You also help prevent yourself from getting certain types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Physical activity will also decrease your chance of receiving type two diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Most importantly, if you are physicallly active you can increase your chances of living longer.

Mental and Social Benefits

There are also a less obvious ways you can benefit from physical activity which are mentally and socially. These two benefits are connected, with mental benefits leading to social benefits. When you are physically active you have an increase in confidence, assertiveness, and self-esteem. You can also gain indepedence, a better mood, emotional stability, and better memory. Exercise can also help to decrease stress, anger, headaches, and confusion.