"Pride and Prejudice"

And How it is Reflected in the Novel

The title was changed to "Pride and Prejudice" later.

Austen wrote "First Impressions" between 1797 and 1798. The title stood this way for a long while. However, ten years later, Austen changed the title to "Pride and Prejudice". She did this because she thought it better suited the novel. Although both titles are greatly reflected in the novel, she felt this one was stronger to the book. Below, are some examples of how the title "Pride and Prejudice" is reflected in the novel.

Mrs. Bingley

Mrs. Bingley comes from a very wealthy family, which makes her believe that she is higher than everybody else around her. She thinks of herself highly and tries to display herself as superior. She judges the Bennets based on their social class and not their personality, not even giving them a chance to introduce themselves before she judges them. She has no reason other than her arrogance and her wealth to form this unfavorable opinion toward the Bennet family.

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy was born into a very wealthy family, and is the master of the great estate of Pemberely. This, unfortunately, makes him a very proud man. This proudness leads him to arrogance. It also leads him to start judging people, and to be judged. One character who show this is Elizabeth. When Darcy met her at the ball, he immediately judged her negatively. He claimed that she wasn't good enough for him, and that she was beautiful enough. These views later change, leading to his proposal. Elizabeth then uses this to judge him as a very arrogant man. This leads her to turn down his first proposal. Overall, Mr. Darcy shows excellent reflection of the title "Pride and Prejudice".

Mrs. Bennet

Mrs. Bennet is a character that gets greatly judged throughout the novel. For example, when she is at the Bingley house. The Bingley sisters greatly judge her for her social class. They know they have a higher social rank, so they assume they are better than her. Mrs. Bingley is also a very proud women. She always brags about how beautiful Jane is. She also brags about how Jane is with Mr. Bingley. This, unfortunately, also gets her negatively judged. For example, at the Bingley house, when she is bragging, people start getting a bad opinion about her. Overall, Mrs. Bingley is also one who shows reflection of the title.


Wickham and Mr. Darcy have a past together. Darcy relays insulting information about Wickham to Elizabeth, which causes her to judge him based on Mr. Darcy's side of the story. Wickham then tells Elizabeth things about Mr. Darcy's past, which in turn, causes her to judge him based on one side of the story.