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By: Christian J Kemp

#88 and a Star Wide Reicever for the Dallas Cowboys

Do you know who holds the record for the most touchdowns in one season in Dallas Cowboys history. Dez Bryant with sixteen touchdowns in one season. Dez was born November 4th, 1988.His birth sign is Scorpio. Des was born in Galveston County (in Texas) then moved and grew up in Lufkin Texas. He was born to a teenage mother who was arrested when he was eight for selling cocaine. He eventually played college football for Oklahoma St. from 2007 to 2008.

Dez was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2010 in the first round of the draft. Dez Bryant caught his first NFL touchdown pass on October 17th 2010. It was a thirty-one yard pass from thrown by Tony Romo. The 2014 season (the most recent season) Dez averaged fifteen yards per catch with eighty-eight catches and 1320 yards total. Dez has played six seasons with Dallas.

Dez is currently twenty-six. He weighs 220 pounds and is six foot, six inches tall. Dez now has two sons. His first son (Zayne) was born in 2007. His second son (Dez Jr.) was born in 2010. Off the field Dez hosted a Thanksgiving Turkey drive and donated 1,500 turkey meals to families near Dallas

What tall and wide and cost $1.15 billion

Do you know what the largest domed stadium ever built is. The Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium. The Stadium was completed may 29th. The first game ever played here was the Dallas Cowboys hosting the New York Giants. The game was held on September 20th 2009.

The stadium is approximately 3 million sq. ft. and is 900 ft. long. The seating of the stadium can hold 80,000 people but will hold up to 100,000. All seats in the stadium can see the video board. The stadium also has a retractable roof, so it can shut out the rain and let in the sun. The stadium isn't just the biggest, it's also the most expensive.It took $1.15 billion to construct.

The stadium held Super Bowl XLV in 2011, but it doesn't just hold football it also held the 2014 Final Four. The first regular season game set a NFL record. 105,121 people attended. The average ticket cost is $159.65. Parking spots cost forty dollars and get more expensive.

Top Eight Teams According to Superbowl Wins

First: Pittsburgh Steelers, 6 Wins

Second: San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, 5 Wins

Third: Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, 4 Wins

Fourth: Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, 3 Wins

Famous Football Players Born in April

Jay Cutler

Apr 29


American football player

Tony Romo

Apr 21


American football player

Troy Polamalu

Apr 19


American football player

Bill Belichick

Apr 16


American football player

John Madden

Apr 10


American football player

Sean Taylor

Apr 01


American football player

Marshawn Lynch

Apr 22


American football player

Quiz time

1. Who won the first ever Superbowl, where was it held, and when? many stiches does a baseball have?

3. how many baseballs do MLB teams per season about

Answers to Quiz Time

1. The Green Bay Packers held in Los Angeles, in January 1967

2. 108 sitches

3. 850,000