GPS Innovation

By Zachary Sheets, Naoya Matsumoto, Evan Provencio

Questions about GPS...

What is it made of?

-GPS is mainly constructed as 24-30 satellites in orbit around earth.

Who invented it, and where?

-Labor Day Weekend, 1973, Ivan Getting met with a total of twelve military representatives at the pentagon to construct a Global Positioning System.

How does it work?

-the GPS is a system of 30 satellites orbiting earth. It was originally developed for military purposes, but is now being used by civilians. The satellites relay the location of a computerized object by triangulating the position via the thirty satellites. This allows the information to be sent back on the location of said device. The location is washed through thirty systems, and is what makes the positioning so global. GPS can also help man or computer to calculate routes and methods of movement and routes.

What is its impact on society?

-Navigation used to be a profession and required tiring effort by many individuals to be put forth to embark a voyage to a single location. That Is now a thing of the past. The GPS allows government and civilian alike to find objects, locations, and routes more quickly and with ease. The military use it to observe a target's known location, keep positioning tabs on their units, and scout terrain without risk. Civilians can use it for finding their lost iPad, or simply finding your way to Grandma's house.

How has it impacted the way people use resources?

-Farmers play a key role in the resource management due to GPS. This is because they can now map out areas in which needs to have more pesticide, or where to plant seeds and how many. A farmer can map out a plot of land on his computer and then create a ration in seed/pesticide per each unit of measurement. That way, there is no uneven distribution of these valuable and limited resources.

How has it impacted the way people interact with others?

-the GPS allows people to find objects and people anywhere in the satellite's proximity. It is used in many cars to help people convene and meet with other people, and is also used by the military to find and observe targets and locations.

How has it impacted where people are able to live?

-The GPS can allow people to find homes on a map, and research them to make sure they fit their needs. That's why most home purchase websites have a map of its location next to the home.

What is the impact of GPS on globalization?

-This allows business and corporations to pinpoint where their products are going to, where their materials are coming from, and where to pinpoint new locations. This allows a more detailed perspective where culture may be transferred.


GPS Innovation