Social Media Perpetuate Violence

By: Jasmine Washington

Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center

Author, Brittany Bostic, explains how social media is changing youth social skills. With social medias such as: Instagram, You tube, World Star Hip hop, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media has gone BAD!!!!!

Gangs = violence

Its been proven by researchers that 75% of gang members use social media to make threats. "Other gang rivals see this and a shoot out can happen, lives lost, all because of social media," said Bostic.

Youth learn their social skills from their surroundings.

How the Youth Feel Watching the Violence? Amazed? or Terrified?

Teen becoming Anti-social

Youth that get on social media and view violence is more likely going down that path called Anti-social. This can change the youths' mindset to say, " It's cool to fight over the simplest thing post it on Instagram. I wonder how many likes I'll get?"