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Change is CONSTANT

How often have we heard the saying “Change is constant”? Well, Change isn’t just constant. It’s an everyday occurrence. Change happens so often we barely stop and think about it anymore. It happens in matter all the time. By just sitting in your room, you can already witness lots of physical and chemical changes, although you aren’t aware of them.


When you sit on your bed, your bed undergoes a physical change.You force it to change shape slightly, but it is still a bed.

If it happens to be the evening on New Year’s Eve, fireworks would be the main show of the night. You'll be able to see the beautiful colors and formations lighting up the dark. If you look closely enough, you might be able to spot tiny wisps of smoke after the fireworks fizz out. Production of smoke, light and sound are all evidences of chemical change. Fireworks involve fire and the process they undergo alters their chemical composition.

This article is actually a result of physical change. The words and pictures printed on the paper change the paper’s appearance, but the paper is still paper.

Lighting a candle, a very simple process, is actually an example of chemical change. The fire produces smoke and the candle gets shorter.

Another obvious everyday example of physical change is the water cycle. Water can be in any one of three PHYSICAL states,liquid, solid or vapor ( a gas ). Changing physical states is not a chemical change, but a direct result of heat or cold application. In other words, every time it rains, you know that a physical change has occurred. Water changes from a liquid in the ocean to a gas and thenback to a liquid when it becomes rain. Sea water becomes gas and forms clouds. The gas in the clouds eventually becomes liquid. It falls to Earth in the forms of rain, snow, sleet, hail and the like.

Change is everywhere! Everything around you changes or is a result of change. You can be a part of change as well!

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