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Mrs. Edelman and Mrs. Block's Weekly Newsletter

February 8 -11, 2016


The cold weather was a perfect way to begin our Jan Brett author study. We explored Jan’s website on Monday to kick off the unit; and found that she lives a very exciting life, travelling and spending time with her husband. When we took a preview of her books we found that many of them have the theme of winter. We thought it would be interesting to keep track of the different story elements in each of Jan Brett’s books. So, after reading The Mitten we added the title, setting, characters, problem, and solution to our story element chart. Next, we read The Hat, and added to our chart. We had so much fun coming up with our own silly stories about different animals wearing human clothing! After completing two Jan Brett stories it was time to compare and contrast using a Venn diagram.

If you met George Washington what would you ask him?

Beni: How old are you?

Emma: Did you like being President?

Charlotte: What do you like to do?

Shani : When you were president what were you doing?

Rebecca: Is it fun being President?

Halle: What was your favorite food?

Owen: What was it like being the first president?

Matilda: Do you wish that you lived in the White House?

Jette: Can I have your autograph?

Maya: What was it like to be President?

Nava: Can I have your autograph?

Jake: Do you like being President?

Charlie: What did you do when you were little?

Jacob: What was your favorite food?

Jack: Why did you want to be President?

Liam: What is your favorite animal?

Emme: Do you want to see my old school?

Sydney: Did you have fun?


In math this week, we continued practicing our money counting skills. We played lots of games and sang songs that would help us remember how to count in 5's and 10's. We ended our money unit by completing a Counting Coins workbook. The students have done so well with this unit.

Birthday Book Parties

Our birthday book parties for students with birthdays in December-March are coming up soon! For grades Mechina-2, the party will be Tuesday, Feb. 23. For grades 3-5, the party will be Wednesday,Feb. 24. Both parties will be before school, 7:45-8:20 a.m. Our honorees will select and check out a new book for the media center collection. We also will serve a light breakfast of fruit, (nut-free and parve) mini-muffins and water. Parents are always welcome to attend!

For questions regarding the muffins, please contact Dolce Catering and Bakery, 770-451-3065.

If you have not yet ordered a birthday book for your child, It’s not too late.

Follow this link to the order form:

Follow this link to order on-line:

If we have processed your order, you should have received an email acknowledging your order.

Upcoming Dates

-February 4: 100th Day of School

-February 5: 101st Day of School - Please join us for a special Shabbat singing

-February 10: Field Trip to Temple Emanu-El

-February 12-15: Mid Winter Break

-April 14: 12:00 - 1:15: Our Classroom Seder

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