5 Seconds Of Summer

Everything You Need To Know

Concert Tips

  1. BRING A LIGHT BACKPACK i cannot stress this enough you don't want to carry around a giant backpack around the whole concert do you? Hopefully not
  2. Bring snacks and water because food in a concert is REALLY expensive and don't bring juice or some sticky drink because it does not turn out so good trust me i would know.
  3. Bring Cash because if you see some shirt or hat that you want to buy your gonna be sorry you didn't bring any money. I always bring money
  4. Bring a portable charger for your phone if you want to record videos and your battery runs out your in trouble. I had this happen right when they sang to me and my friends and i was sorry i couldn't record it.
  5. Be prepared for Luke, Michael, calum and ashton's concert surprises like be prepared for major feels because you will die because they just do one little thing and bam girls are in tears or having a seizure who knows it could be both.
  6. DO NOT BRING GIANT POSTERS because short people could be behind you and they also paid to see 5sos and would you want a big poster in front of you all night?
  7. STAY WITH YOUR GUARDIAN OR FRIEND AT ALL TIMES all 5sos venues this year are pretty big and if you leave them alone trying to find your guys's seats while walking to the bathroom chances are you wont see them for a while.
  8. Check the venues rules and regulations before going they might not let you bring what you were planning on bringing before
  9. Make sure you stay hydrated because sweaty bodies are everywhere singing and dancing and sometimes if you get thirsty enough you will pass out and miss the rest of the concert. Bummer.
  10. DO NOT PUSH PEOPLE TO GET TO THE FRONT. Its not fair because you didn't pay for front row and you could damage someones rib-cage and ruin the concert for them and it could also lead 5sos to stop singing and end the concert


5SOS ft. Scott Mills - Hearts Upon Our Sleeve by llinz-owz