News Flash

November 28-December 2

What's Happening

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! This week it's all about letter Ii. The words this week are: he, it & for. The start of the week will focus on words that begin with "i" but by the end of the week we will be talking about words with "i" in the middle (ex:hit,pit,lit,sit,kit,bit,fit). In math, we are working with numbers 1-10 and identifying the number that is "one more". Additionally, this week the students are being introduced to our new fine motor bins. These bins consist of activities created to help build those little hand and finger muscles. Ask your student about these bins. They include some fun stuff!


New Sight Words: for, he, it-Your child needs to practice reading and writing these words nightly.

Wednesday-1/2 day for Parent-Teacher Conferences.


November 28-December 2

Nightly-Read a book from your keepsake book box. Practice sight words

Monday-Monday half sheet. Math game (on the inside of the "Home To School Connection" Paper that we did in class today.

Tuesday-Math review.

Wednesday-Letter Ii cut and paste activity.

Thursday-Review of "it" words.


Things to Practice At Home

  • Counting on from a given number (ex: count on from 11 to 20)
  • Counting from 1-100
  • Letter/sound recognition
  • Sight word reading and writing. We have learned words: I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is, at, red, purple, blue, yellow, like, my, we, for, he, it
  • Blending (sounding out) cvc words: mit, sit, kit, hit, bit, pin, fin,Tim, Sis, tip .