Indianpendence Party

Let's Party to the Pendence!

The Deets

"What?" You are being invited to the party celebrating India's independence from Great Britain.

"Where?" This is going to be located all over the Indian country.

"When?" This party will take place on August 15, 1947.

"Why?" Everyone should attend this party because it celebrates a very important milestone for India. It's there Independence date, something that they will be celebrating every year after this. It would be honor just to be a part of the first festival/party celebrating India's independence.

"What To Bring?" All guests must bring as much cotton or materials to make salt as available to them to make whatever you would like to be sold or classic Indian foods to share with other guests.

"R.S.V.P." Please contact the Indian National Congress of Mohandas Gandhi via letter sent through train or boat to book your spot in the party or travel to India beforehand to book your spot, whichever way is fine.