Harriet Tubman

The life of Harriet Tubman

February 12, 1913

It feels like just yesterday I was working in the plantation were I was born.I had to work real hard or the man who watched us would wipe us as hard as he could.Every time I standed up for myself I got wiped. One day I got hit in the head with a metal weight and gave me black outs for the rest of my life and deep sleeps.I was called Moses because I freed people just like him in Egypt.When I freed a slave and they wanted to go back I held up a gun and said"you'll be free or die"and that would force them to go to the north.Also when people got worried they would got caught or they would have to leave somebody I said "I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years,and I can say; I never ran my train of my track and never lost a passenger".I kept going back to free more slaves and the next thing I new it I had already freed more than 300 slaves.I was the most famous of the Underground Railroad.I retired of the Underground Railroad when the civil war won the battle.There was some people in my house to stay if they didn't have a home they could stay there till they found a home.

Harriet Tubman facts

Harriet Tubman was born on 1820 and died in1913

Harriet Tubman's real name is Araminta Harriet Ross but she change her name to Harriet for her mother and Tubman from her husband's last name.