Andrew Sauseda


Hi! My name is! What?

Hello! Hello, hello! Oh, hello! Um, welcome to the web page! Im here to show you around, the publisher, he's a pretty occupied guy. But don't worry! We'll get through this! He told be to give a brief overview of him, don't worry, it's not that long. Ok, so he was born in 2002, pretty young, uh, Febuary 3rd, I believe. He attends Barton middle school, not saying where, is in 7th grade and is in his second semester right now as a matter of fact. He is in fact a gamer, very proud of it. He is on Xbox 360, and One, so check him out. Uh, so that wraps it up. Oh! The gamertag! Its GamingBroHood, soon to change to AC_Lieutenant.

Stuff I like

Don't worry, I'm not completely like this

Some of my favorite games(Recomended)

Other Stuff


These beauties are custom made ShadyXV Jordans made specially for Eminem

Master Chief, Halo

Halo, one of my favorite game series, I love every game because I played this before COD

Fluffy, my favorite comedian

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