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Week ending May 1, 2020 (week 6 of virtual learning)

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May, the month of Mary

I hope you enjoyed this first week back from April staycation. We have completed our 6th week of virtual leaning and we will continue in this manner for the remainder of the school year. With that being said, we will be working on some plans in the weeks ahead to get personal belongings back to you and then returning of school supplies and technology back to the school. I will keep you posted.

At Saint Anna we are doing an extraordinary job with keeping our students current in continuing their education. We are working as a team with parents and students in getting curriculum executed and will continue to do so for the remainder of the school year.

It is important to understand that we are not just filling in time with work that will not be graded or looked at. It is important to understand that attendance is taken daily. The work that teachers are assigning is important in keeping our students up to date with the curriculum and ready for the fall. Teachers are utilizing many methods in trying to reach our students. Teachers are utilizing Google classroom, Zoom, and other methods such as a daily question to ensure that students are attending classes. Students must attend school on a daily basis even if the process in which we are leaning has changed. So please sign in, email your child's teacher so that we can attest to your presence during this unprecedented time in education.

  • Parents please note that students should be out of bed when entering a Zoom or virtual classroom. (On the bed is fine, but out from the covers and ready to learn :-)
  • Students should be dressed appropriately, i.e. with a shirt on if in a video conference.
  • When in a video, the video should be turned on during the instruction.
  • Students should not be playing with toys, running in and out of the conference when instruction is taking place.
  • Cooperation with these items is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Everything has been progressing along quite well. We have had a few hiccups with technology and will be working out something for our lower level Italian classes. (Thank you for your patience). Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time.

Stay healthy and God Bless,

Mrs. Veilleux

Learn about recent updates on COVID19 HERE.

Keep updated with our Facebook page. Join our First Communicants in praying to Mary during the Month of May.

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Theme WEEK:

Monday: Sports day.... show us your team spirit

Tuesday: Stuffed Friend day.... show us your favorite stuffed animal friends

Wednesday: favorite animal or pet day.... show us what your favorite animal is or show us your pets

Thursday: Talent day....share with us a hidden talent you may have

Friday: Pajama Day.... take a pic in your comfiest pajamas

Stay connected with St. Anna Parish

Stay connected to Masses and More Online with Fr. Carlos

We encourage you to visit as Fr. Carlos is providing a series of videos on YouTube for online masses, rosary, Angelus-Annunciation and more. They will be linked daily to the parish website and it is a wonderful way to stay connected!

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COVID19 has changed our way of least for the time being.

We understand the many hardships that face families today. Some of our families are out of work, some are working in dangerous conditions. Bills need to be paid and employees need to paid.

We are planning for the opening of our doors in the fall for the 2020-2021 school year. We will continue to do our best in offering the tools to make sure our students are prepared for the future.

St. Anna prides itself on how well we were able to adjust to virtual learning. Leaning continues, teachers are engaged with their students and our students continue to learn.

It's important to know that we are working on plans for the new academic year. In order for us to plan and create a budget, it's important for you to know that we rely on real time numbers and those numbers come from those that have registered. We respectfully request that you complete the registration process so that we may plan for the future. If you know of friends or neighbors, please share with them your experience at St. Anna. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

St. Anna continues to pride itself on it's dedication and commitment to our Faith and to our Academics. Help us to recruit more families and share your love of our school.

Remember our Referral Incentive :

Tuition referral credit of $500/family prior to September 1st.

Referring families must register before September 1st and your tuition will be credited $250 on September 30th and again on June 1st. when they have completed the entire school year.

For those new to St. Anna and wishing to learn about St. Anna, please don't hesitate to call the principal and learn abut our great school. We are creating a virtual tour that will be available very soon.

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Nurses Corner - Important news and updates

Keep informed and up to date as changes occur in the protection against COVID-19. These sites are updated regularly with the latest guidance regarding accurate data from the scientific community.

More information can be found at:

Health and Homeland Alert Network:

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

DPH (Department of Public Health) website

If you have further questions please email :

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Everyone is a member of the PTO....Check it out!

VIRTUAL PTO Meetings May 14th via CISCO WEBEX

Thursday, May 14th, 7pm

cisco webex -link below

Please join us as every parent is a part of the PTO

Below is the invitation to join this online forum.

St. Anna's is an Allergy Friendly School

Please keep in mind - as you plan snacks, birthday treats, and classroom parties - that St. Anna's is an Allergy Friendly School. Double-check with your students' teacher or room parent to ensure that we are creating a safe, inclusive environment for all students.
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School Calendar (click here) (Scroll to bottom of page)

Annual Calendar with School Days and Holiday/Vacation closings

Books and Beyond

The Books & Beyond program came to a close on April 30th.

Classroom coordinators are working to bring the program to a close. Something will be planned in celebration for the program coming to an end.

Thank you to Mrs. Thomas and all the volunteers that have worked so hard in making this program a success, for making it so fun and enjoyable for all our students.

Mark Your Calendar!

Tentative Schedule due COVID-19 developments

May: The month of Mary

04-08 Teacher Appreciation Week

10 Mother's Day

14 PTO virtual Meeting -please join us

15 Progress Reports

25 No School-Memorial Day

June tentative--plans in the making.

Pk, K and 8th graders last day of classes-clap out

Graduation- More info to follow

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