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Acapulco, Mexico


  • Its near the coast of Mexico.
  • You can get there by Plane or Car but I suggest by Plane.
  • You should go there to spend some time with your family and you have such an amazing time there.
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Where people jump off from called "cascada".
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Sun Set at the beach of Acapulco.

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Hotels near the ocean.
Best Time To Visit or Travel to Acapulco, Mexico
little video of Acapulco.

Reasons why you should visit Acapulco, Mexico.

  • The weather is perfect.
  • It's beautiful place.
  • Its a good place to spend with family.

places to stay at.

  • Costera Hotel Zone, Acapulco Bay - This is the heart of Acapulco’s resort strip and home to nearly all of Acapulco’s high-rise hotels, non-stop nightlife, dining, and shopping.
  • Puerto Marqués (approx. 10-minutes from the Costera) - Located to the north of Playa Revolcadero – between the airport and town.

Activites to do in Acapulco

  • Water Sports
  • Parasailing
  • Sailing