June 28, 1914 beginning of WW1

For soldiers in need


One of the stronger alliances were the Triple Entente, which included Britain, France and Russia. On the other side of the hand the Central Powers where Germany,

Austria-Hungary, and Turkey/Ottoman Empire.

Weapons of WW1

The weapons of WW1 got bigger, more accurate, and more deadly then ever before. These new weapons could do mass amounts of damage and still keep the soldiers semi-safe.

Airplane warefare

New ways of fighting in WW1 is plane/ air warfare which carried big guns and bombs to do mass amounts of damage.

Machine guns

Another new weapon is machine guns which could shoot large bullets in a matter of seconds and demolish a crowed of soldiers.


Now for some even better weapons like tanks, tanks are heavily armoured and and were meant to stalemate trench warefare.

Barbed wire

Barbed wire was a very good defensive weapon because it would slow down people if they were to run into it, but a disadvantage to the barbed wire is that it can be mowed down by large vehicles such as tanks.


Another ww1 weapon was a submarine which could take down a ship in a matter of seconds, but this was also used to set up blockades to weaken the economy of the opposing enemy.

Poison gas

Now for the worst weapon of all poison gas. the poison gas was used to injure/kill people who are heavily protected like in a trench or bunkers and could easily take out any of the people without protection.

Trench warfare & No man's land

Trench warfare was was a type of land fighting that used trenches as protection for the soldiers as shown in the picture below. This made it hard to kill people inside of the trenches. No man's land is the open space in between the trenches with no cover which made you and easy target to kill.