Loving Poems

By Aniya Edwards

5 year old me

Amazing girl
Never mean
Ice cream face
Yelling all the time
Angel sent from heaven

Excited little girl
Dreaming little angel
Waffle loving
Artwork queen
Resting all the time
Dance girl
Singing all the time


Lots of numbers around in my head
angles, shapes, probability
where do i begin

Sometimes hard sometimes easy
don't know what day
it's going to be

Math is my favorite
dealing with numbers
all day long
why does it have to end

Ode to Colors

To these yellow red and orange colors
that look like
the golden suns
to the sea's of rainbows

Colors of red yellow and pink
to the swirls of all these
colors that make up
the sky at dawn

To the colors of dawn
that GOD has made
to the WORLD these
colors make up


Pretty trees of green
birds sing to our world
fresh blooming flowers
tasteful peaches growing
refreshing breeze coming from the wind


to my friends that make me laugh
when I'm mad but cant stop smiling
when i maybe mad and grumpy
they don't care they just want to make me happy again

These are the people you call friends
friends that when your
mad the try their hardest to
make you happy again

friends that you can call your own
friends that make you laugh till your
out of breath. friends that stick by your side
from days on end. these are friends


Life is like a turtle
always scared
not wanting to come out

scared that
people may
be mean
and make
fun of you


Made tons of cookies
with my loving family
helping mix
the yummy batter

Elegy to Best Friend

I hate to see you go
for all the fun we had
i guess it's time
but i don't want to let go
i don't know why you left
we were best friends
was it something i said
or something i did

You were a great best friend
and i should let you go
to find other best friends
let to swore to new
far away places
to find friends better then me
I know I will hate it
but i must let go

Maybe somewhere in a new life
we can be best friends again
I'm glad I let you go
now you can see a true best friend is me
now your gone but you'll
come back to this old
life just wait and see

36 Year Old Me

Amazing person
Never mean to people
Ice cream queen
Yelling manager
Always making people happy

Excited about everything
Dreaming of life
Watching time go by
Always making people laugh
Riding to a new life
Dreaming of my family
Showing off my smarts