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July/August 2019

2019 ESC15 Principal's Retreat is in the books!

HELLO Region 15 Leaders! It was SO great to meet some of you at the Principals Retreat. Great learning and camaraderie (pics above) in Fredericksburg! A big thank you to Sheila Collazo for leading the learning and Robin Graves for coordinating! If you missed it this year, pencil us on your calendar for 2nd week of July 2020.

Good to Know:

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Start with the end in mind! My mom always said, "Start out like you can hold out!" What's acceptable in September can not be a write up in February (for kids or teachers). Are expectations explicitly stated and visually provided ahead of time and not after the fact? Then if or when performing out of expectations being reminded and guided, allowing those we lead time to learn and accomplish successfully. "Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe." ~Unknown

Below are a few examples, click on link to access. Feel free to make them your own by opening, make a copy, and revise to fit your needs!

Here's to new beginnings and the best year yet!

What gets scheduled gets done!

My #1 learning curve implementing a campus-wide calendar, was it built-in accountability for me! I would let myself down all day long but I would never let my people down. If they knew and were planning toward it, we moved mountains to make it happen and in the end, kids win!

If this is new to you, I'd encourage you to start small and add a layer or two a year. I included my leadership team in the process along the way. Holler if you want/need details and I can share our journey. "A goal without a plan is just a wish." Dream Big!

TEA news you can use

FAQ: How do the component weights in the Closing the Gaps domain change if we don’t meet minimum size in one or more components? The weighting is proportionally distributed to those components that do meet the minimum size requirements. Example: A middle school met the minimum number of evaluated indicators in only two components. The campus does not have five evaluated indicators in the Student Achievement Domain Score: STAAR Component Only. It also does not meet minimum size for the English Language Proficiency component. The 20 percent total weight of the Student Achievement Domain Score: STAAR Component Only and English Language Proficiency components is distributed proportionally among the two remaining components.

Removing the 20 percent from the denominator of the remaining components produces their new weights. In this case, 30/100 = 30 percent becomes 30/80 = 37.5 percent. In the same manner 50/100 = 50 percent becomes 50/80 = 62.5 percent. The new weightings sum to 100 percent as shown in the chart below:

TEA Accountability Summer Learning Webinars

Performance Reporting has one more webinar remaining, designed for audiences who are not familiar with the accountability rating system or need training on the most crucial components within the system. Webinar offered through Zoom. Click the link to sign-up! Understanding the Closing the Gaps Domain—August 7, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Performance Reporting Calendar

2019 Accountability Manual

August 7—2019 preliminary performance domain tables without rating labels released (TEAL)

August 14—2019 preliminary accountability tables with rating labels and distinction designations released (TEAL) - Released to the public on August 15th!

August 14–September 13—2019 accountability appeals application available to districts (TEAL)

TAA (to the admin addressed) Letters of Interest: