Survival Guide for Mojave Dessert.

Kate Roberts

Mojave Dessert

My plane crashed here in North America, it's located near Southeastern California. I'm worried because i don't handle cold weather or hot weather well. I have no food or any supplies with me. I'm the only one who survived. I hope i make it.

Animal fears

Trying to Survive.

I haven't had much luck lately. I've killed a few interesting things. None of which i know of. i Haven't eaten in several days. I remember I made a survival list. I had four things on it in case we crashed. Number 1: Find something to start a fire with. Number 2: kill anything you can find to help you survive. Number 3: Find something to make a knife with. Number 4: Find or build shelter. Why did i even go on this plane anyway?

Can Plants help?

I have never had this much trouble before. Before i give up i must try one more thing. Plants! The prickly pear Catus , The dessert paint brush, and the Joshua tree. Those are the only ones i have found so far,. But can the help me? I have chosen one plant that i think could help me the most. The Prickly Pear Catus. This plant will help me by using the spins as weapons, But the stems could poke me at any time or any where. Let me tell you these things are every where! As far as i know it's not poisonous. Lets hope i get out of here soon.

I'm Home.

Thankfully i signaled a plane and i got back home safely. Oh my goodness what an adventure! i learned how to survive in on of the worst places. The dessert! I would never do this again. I didn't know if i was going to make it but i did and i'm glad i can finally sleep in my bead again.