Lincoln's Murder Conspiracy

The one that we believe is true

There were many different ideas to how Lincoln

Some claims are the following:

-Lincoln's assassination was the result of a grand, masterminded plot.

-Lincoln's assassination unwittingly occurred because circumstances easily allowed it to happen.

-Booth single handedly planned and initiated Lincoln's assassination.

The claim that we will be proving to be true is the third one, that Booth single handedly planned and initiated Lincoln's murder.

Reason #1 why Booth killed Lincoln

Booth was a loyal confederate soldier, while Lincoln was a Union supporter-- the winning side of the Civil War. As a confederate his views were that the Blacks belonged in slavery and didn't deserve free rights. Lincoln on the other hand fought for free rights for blacks. John Wilkes booth's views clashed with Lincolns and were the exact opposite.

On April eleventh 1865 Lincoln read his speech in public about how the Blacks should be able to vote to elect presidents. Booth had completely disagreed with this and wanted things to stay exactly how they are.

He was going to kill the president


John Wilkes Booth was very passionate on his opinion on Blacks and slavery. He believed that they were the minority and whites should be controlling them. Therefore he assassinated the president due to His Point of View.

Abraham Lincoln was Pro Union which was the rivals of the confederates during The civil war. John was a strong confederate. He hated Lincoln with a Passion because he stoop for everything he was against. He would be willing to plan and kill the president which is exactly what he did.


Not only John Wilkes Booth a strong confederate activist. Most of the confederates were against Abraham Lincoln and the Union and their Views. Most of the confederate party planned and executed the presidents assassination

Lincoln was a target by the confederates after all of Lincolns actions as president. such a supporting the Union during the Civil War, views on blacks being free from slavery, and how Lincoln wanted to give Blacks the rite to vote. John Wilkes Booth and the confederate part were part of the assassination.


The Lincoln assassination was a grand mastermind plot by one of the most powerful men\group in the World. Other theories claim that Rothschild and his associates were behind the United States presidents death.

Rothschild and his partners plotted the assassination on Lincoln because he had interfered and ended a money making system on slaves that were still traded through Europe. Rothschild lost lots of money and Was forced to kill Lincoln.

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