Husky Howler

December 4, 2020

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Dear Hill-Roberts Families,

I want to express my appreciation to the HRES community for your support over what was a very difficult week. We recognize the many important roles our school plays for the community and thanks to our incredible staff, were about to cover everything we needed to in order to remain open. That said, our community owes a HUGE debt of gratitude to our many staff members who stepped up and filled roles that aren't normally part of their day-to-day job here by covering classrooms, duties, meetings, and all of the other things required to keep the school running safely. We are lucky to have a staff who is so dedicated to your children.

I cannot stress enough the importance of using the Daily Health Screening Tool below. In order to give us the best chance of remaining in school without having to close we must remain vigilant about social distancing, mask-wearing, and staying home if you're not feeling well.

Be well,

Mr. Rich, Principal

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The ski resorts are probably thrilled about the snow in the forecast for the weekend. This is a good time to remind you of the importance of sending your child(ren) to school dressed for the elements. This year, more than ever, it's important that they be prepared for chilly weather.

  • We try to get children outside daily for recess and as long as it's dry and the temperature/wind chill is above 25 degrees F, we will send everyone out for recess.
  • We will continue to hold PE/health outside as much as possible in order to allow students to be active. When held inside, health and PE activities must be designed to keep respiration and movement low.
  • The air exchange rate in the building has been raised to meet our new regulations due to COVID. As the outside air temperature drops, our heating system will be unable to get the air temperature as high as we normally have it, meaning the building and classrooms will be much cooler than normal.
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This Week in Music

This has been the “Happy” week in the Music room. First, students are coming to the music room for class! Second, all grades have been doing rhythm and music form activities to the song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Third and fourth graders have played tubanos/bongos/conga drums by composing four-beat rhythm patterns to play along to the song, and change the pattern when the form of the song changes.

Kindergarten and first graders used pool noodles to demonstrate that they know where the macro and micro beat are in “Happy”. They were able to use their creativity to use the noodles however they wanted, still demonstrating the macro and micro beat.

Second graders have been demonstrating micro/macro beat as well, and have learned about form in music, by changing what they do with the pool noodles to show a change in the form of the song.

Mrs. Giannetti, Music Teacher

Check out Mrs. Leach's website for a wealth of resources regarding mental health and self-care for students and families alike. Click the header above or: Mrs. Leach's Corner
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Hill-Roberts CREST Winners

During the school day, (whether in-person or at-home) huskies who exhibit our core values of Caring, Respect, Excellence, Safety & Trust can earn a CREST ticket from their teacher. Each student who earns a CREST Ticket has their name placed into a drawing to earn a weekly prize that is picked by Mrs. Cotsalas. Their name is called during the morning announcements and they get their photo taken with a CREST Certificate.

Congratulations to the following students for being our CREST winners for the week of 11/30 (photos to follow next week!):

K: I blew it and missed their names this morning. We're adding them to next week's list.

Gr. 1: Jared Sousa

Allie Winnegge

Gr. 2: Morgan Cook

Aiden Walker

Gr. 3: Thomas DiFiore

Reinaldo Perez

Gr. 4: Kelli Larson

Cody McKearney

Upcoming Important Information & Dates

December 4: Term 1 Grades Close

December 7: Specials switch (the specials that classes have in-person vs. Google Classroom switch back to what they were when school started)

December 8: PTO Meeting (virtual) @ 6:30 PM

December 16: Report Cards

December 24 - January 4: Winter Vacation

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