TV Antenna Installation

All You Need To Know About TV Antenna Installation

A lot of companies these days are offering free programming on air so many people would want to take advantage of these services. But in order for them to enjoy viewing some of these TV channels for free, they will have to install a TV antenna.

The antennas allow them to receive clear signals in order for them to enjoy the TV programming in a high definition and excellent picture quality. The process of TV antenna installation is just so easy. However, for others who cannot manage to install the antenna on their own, they can hire an antenna man for the job. For those who want to give it a try though, here are some guides to follow.

What is a TV Antenna?

Before we go on with the installation procedure of the TV antenna, let us first understand what this device is all about. There are two types of TV antennas, the unidirectional as well as the multi directional and this classification is based on their signal directions. The unidirectional antennas are capable of reading signals even from a long distance since they merely concentrate on one direction. On the other hand, the multi directional antenna are able to pick-up more interference and are highly recommended for transmitters that are 20-degrees away from each other.

Another thing that you need to understand when it comes to the TV antenna installation is the feature of the antenna cables. Those that are ribbon types are cheaper and are able to pick-up varying signals, although they can lose signals if they become wet. The coaxial types are more expensive since they are well-shielded and could function even when wet.

How to Go About the Installation?

First of all, it is always best to invest on a high quality outdoor antenna before you go on with the TV antenna installation procedure. You must also purchase a mounting kit as well as other accessories that are useful in mounting the antenna on the roof of your house. If you choose to hire an antenna man for the job, you will no longer to purchase any of these accessories, because he is equipped with all the necessary things needed for the installation.

As soon as you have everything ready, the next step is to look for an area to mount the antenna. Take note that the higher the area is, the better the signal will be. So climb the roof as high as you can and mount the antenna on the highest point of your house roof. After you are done with the TV antenna installation, make sure that you double check the antenna, making sure that the mount is well secured. After that, attach the TV antenna, as per instructions on the antenna guide. You may need to climb up the roof again and adjust the placement of the antenna in order to achieve clear signals.

So that is how the TV antenna installation procedure is done. If you think that the above steps are just too difficult for you to do, then call an antenna man for help.

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