By Cinda Jean Melton

Upper level Clouds

  1. Cirrus- wispy, feathery, and composed entirely of ice crystals. First sign of an approaching warm front
  2. Cirrostratus- more of a widespread, veil like. Rain or snowstorm
  3. Cirrocumulus- are layered clouds permeated with small cumuliform lumpiness. Winter, indicate fair, but cold weather

Middle Clouds

  1. Altostratus- Flat and uniform type and texture in the mid levels. Forms ahead of the storms with continuous rain and snow
  2. Altocumulus- Heap-like clouds with convective elements may align in rows or streets of clouds. On a warm, sticky morning, be prepared to see thunderstorms late in the afternoon


  1. Radiation Fog- As the ground becomes cooled by the night sky, the air above the ground also gets cooled.
  2. Advection Fog- When warm air moves in horizontally over a cool surface, such as when air from the ocean blows in over land
  3. Upslope Fog- Takes place as warm air passes over the slope of a cool mountain as it rises
  4. Evaporation Fog- caused when addition water vapor enters air that is already near the maximum vapor presure