Nazi Germany: Greatest Propaganda?

Brief report on the mastery of deceit

Nazi Germany

Although considered the worst political group in history, and they very well deserve the label, they were still unbelievably successful in their plans regardless of good or bad. The Nazi's were masters of manipulation, deceit, false hopes, and were the first to tactically use psychology in order to control nearly all of a countries population.

They had an enormous workforce, and had convinced the German people of so many things that simple aren't true. I believe that they committed some of the most detesting crimes in mankind's history, but I have a respect for how well they did it. One of their greatest strengths was propaganda.

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Here is a picture from the book, Der Giftpilz, that is targeted at children. This shows how Hitler tried to ensure the next generation of Germany would continue the beliefs and customs of Nazism. This poster promotes the teachings of antisemitism, saying "The Jewish nose is bent. It looks like the number six."

Teaching the children how to identify Jews was important in moving the Aryan race forward, as they could send them to jail or kill them. Nearly all children of Nazi Germany were part of Hitler's Youth by the age of 10. These children were the future of the Aryan race, and were treated as such. But they first needed to be taught the "proper" mindset and the "truth" about the Jews.

The publisher of this book, and many other books, was sent to trial at the Nuremberg Trials. His propaganda was so strong that he was charged of dehumanizing the Jews before the Holocaust. He was executed for war crimes, as his strong antisemitism influence on the German people and the dehumanization of Jews were so apparent.

Cultural Criticism

This may be one of the greatest examples of cultural criticism due to the fact that the Nazi's wanted to eradicate any race other than their own. The Jews were a major target, but were not the only ones. Blacks, gays, Poles and Slavs, Jehovah's witnesses, mentally handicapped and criminally insane were all targeted as well. The Nazi's believed there were descendants of a divine race of people and other races were a plague to the future of humanity. The fact that the Nazi's were murdering millions of people, goes to prove the extent to their beliefs. And in my personal opinion, the largest scale of cultural criticism in they way they portrayed the Jews. Whether it be stereotypes or pure racism, they were judgmental of every race other than their own.

Historical Criticism

The Nazi's entire hatred of the Jews was based on a biased opinion, with no evidence or proof, just speculation and blame. The way that they came about this hatred is primarily from Hitler himself, mentioning most of this in his book Mein Kompf. Most people think that the Nazi's hated the Jews for no reason, or for reasons that don't make much sense. But when you realize that the Nazi's were a political party, that you can understand that they didn't agree with the large amount of Jewish involvement in politics. From lawyers to politicians to leaders of major companies, the Jews were very well involved. Throughout Germany's history, the Jews were always there to assist make the future better, and the racism had built up enough to form the Nazi party, which at first was purely political. Eventually they soon began to brainwash people after completing truly amazing things as a team effort, but using them to get people on their side. Publicity stunts used as they are today.


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