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May 4, 2018

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May 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation Week.

Thanks to all SMS teachers for all you do for our students and our school!

eLearning Day May 8th

eLearning Day is next Tuesday! It's time to put our plans into action!

Everybody has two choices for Tuesday. Work ON campus or OFF campus.


Get to school your normal way. Report to your homeroom by 8:05. Spend some time in each classroom where you will work on your eLearning assignments. Your teachers will be there to provide help. You'll get a school sack lunch (or eat a lunch you bring) and at 12:55, you'll go home!

If you attend eLearning Day ON CAMPUS, you will get credit for attendance and grades for all work submitted.


You may stay home on eLearning Day and complete your assigned work any time during the eLearning window. The eLearning window opens today and ends at midnight next Friday. All of your assigned eLearning Day activities went live on Canvas today. If you plan to work OFF CAMPUS on May 8th and you don't have good internet at home, it is your responsibility to download and/or screenshot your assignments today.

If you have any questions about your eLearning assignments, be sure to get those questions asked today or Monday. Teachers will also be available via phone or Canvas email between 8 AM and 1 PM on May 8th if you have any questions.

You will get credit for attendance on May 8th if you submit your work to teachers before midnight on Friday, May 11th. All work submitted during the eLearning window will be graded.

If you have any questions about eLearning Day, ask now! We're ready to help!

eHallPass Starts Wednesday!

SMS is launching a new pilot hall pass system on Wednesday If you ever need to leave your classroom for any reason for the rest of the school year, you'd better read on to learn how our new system works!

eHallPass is a web-based program that allows students to CREATE a pass and requires teachers to APPROVE a pass. Most eHallPass activity will take place on a student ipad but teachers also have a dashboard view on their macs which allows them to look at pass history and other tracking reports.


Open the eHallPass web clip on your iPad and follow steps 1-5 as described in the graphic below. Once your account is open, you can check out the interface. Please do not attempt to start a pass until you need one. Don't worry about your profile. We are on a free pilot until October so we will likely not have access to customizing profile images, etc.

When you are ready to use a pass, you will open the web clip, log in, and

1) Choose CREATE PASS. This will open the view in graphic #2.

2) Then start typing in the last name of the teacher that you are leaving. Once you start typing the first few letters, the teacher name will appear ready for selecting.

3) Select the type of pass you want. There are several types in tabs.

Quick Pass is used for round trips to the locker, restroom, or drinking fountain. A quick pass is used when you will not engage with another adult at your destination. That one pass covers your trip to the location AND your trip back.

Office Pass is used when you want to come to the office to see an administrator, a counselor, the nurse, Mrs. Manns or Mrs. Walsh, or to make a call. When you select Office Pass, select who you want to see from the drop-down list. Also type in the reason for your pass.

6 Pass, 7 Pass, and 8 Pass would be used if you want to go to see a teacher or if you want to go to SSR or the Media Center. Select the tab for your grade and you'll see all of the teachers associated with your grade!

4) Type a brief reason. Examples include question, sick, bus pass, phone call, book return, personal, etc. You do not need to provide a lot of detail, just give a basic reason.

5) Initiate the pass. Your iPad screen view will show a red graphic with a 'play' symbol. This view shows who you are leaving, where you want to go, and why. Show this view to your teacher and he/she will start the pass, tell you to start the pass, or cancel the pass.

To help us learn more about this program, we will use the system every time we leave a classroom. The scenarios below show how we'll use the system.

  • Student asks to use the restroom. Teacher says OK. Student creates the quick pass. Teacher hits the play button. Student leaves the iPad in the room and goes to the RR. Upon return, teacher hits the stop button.
  • Student is called to the office. Student creates the pass to the office. Teacher hits play button. Student arrives in office. Pass is stopped by Mrs. Walsh or Mrs. Manns. When it is time to go back to class, student creates a new pass and any office person can hit play.
  • Student wants to go from SSR to the Media Center. Student gets permission from SSR teacher and creates pass. SSR teacher hits play. Student takes iPad to MC and goes directly to the desk. MC staff stops pass. When it is time to return, the process reverses.

Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks in this new program. We're excited to try this new option! If you have questions or ideas, let teachers or administrators know!

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Next Week...

Mon. May 7: B day, Golf @ Seymour, Tennis @ Clarksville, Track @ MSC, Baseball Gold at South Central

Tue. May 8: A day, eLearning Day, Softball @ Corydon

Wed. May 9: B day, Cross 7:15am, Spring Picture return/pay deadline, Builders Club 3-4, Golf @ Madison, Baseball Gold @ Switz Co, Baseball Purple @ Henryville, Softball v. Jeff

Thu. May 10: A day, Tennis @ Silver Creek, Baseball Purple v. Austin, Softball v. Hazelwood

Fri. May 11: B day, eLearning window closes at midnight (get your work submitted!) 7th grade Reality Store, Golf @ Shawe