Welcome to New Zealand!

by Adam Havens

Welcome to New Zealand!

Hello and welcome to New Zealand! Enjoy your visit. Please use the following information to help guide yourself through the country and maximize your trip!



  • The major religion of the people of New Zealand is Christianity
  • 35% of all New Zealanders are not associated with any religion
  • In recent years, we have seen an increase in non christian citizens, which include Muslims, Buddhists, and Jewish


  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Democratically elected House of Representatives
  • Head of state is sovereign, Queen Elizabeth ll
  • 3 branches of Government
  1. Parliament- makes the laws
  2. Judiciary- upholds the laws through court
  3. Executive- administers laws
  • If a law is broken, you will be put in prison where you will await trial


  • New Zealand uses the New Zealand Dollar as it's currency
  • The conversion between a US Dollar to a New Zealand Dollar is as follows: 1 New Zealand Dollar is equivalent to .64 US Dollar

What to do as a guest

  • Exploring Maori cultures
  • Jumping- very similar to bungee jumping. The only difference is that at the end there is no bungee to jump up from
  • kayaking
  • geothermal attractions
  • helicopter rides
  • hiking

Popular Foods

Did you Know?

  • The capital is Wellington
  • The population of New Zealand is around 4.5 million
  • New Zealanders are called kiwis
  • In New Zealand you drive on the left side of the road