December happenings

by: Cameron Embleton

Snowflakes with Mrs.Waleck

In Mrs. Waleck's class everyone made a giant snowflake and it only took seven steps to do. Everyone had six papers, they folded each paper a certain way. Once they were done with that, everyone cut three slits in the paper. Everyone opened it up and folded it a special way. After that they glued what they folded. They repeated that 5 more times until they were ready to staple the snowflake. In the end, they turned out really pretty.

Christmas party

Mrs. Alongi and Mrs. Waleck joined classes to have one big Christmas party! At the party there were 3 groups. One group was eating a snack while the 2nd group was making snowmen with q tips and the 3rd group was making a candy sled. The candy sled was made out of five little chocolates, two candy canes, and a king size kit kat bar. Each group rotated once everyone was done. It was a great day!

Kelly Hashway

Kelly Hashway came to Cedar Mountain. She writes books. When she came some of us ordered one of her books. We could only order Curse Of The Granville Fortune. Kelly Hashway signed everyone's books and gave them a bookmark. She told everyone all about the process of being a writer and what she does to finally get them published. Being an author sounds like hard work!