Can Dogs Tell Time?

Can a dog understand breakfast and dinner?

Hypothesis And Materials

Hypothesis: If a dog is fed a specific food in the morning and evening, it will catch on and expect food at those times.


1 dog

7 cans of dry dog food

7 cans of wet dog food

dog bowl

writing utensil



1. Place the dog bowl in one location and keep in there the whole week.

2. On Sunday morning at 8 AM, feed the dog one can of dry dog food. Repeat every morning for one week at the same time.

3. Feed the dog at 7 PM the same night. Repeat every night for one week.

4. Record how much food the dog eats each time, and take note of if he/she is beginning or showing signs of expecting the food (sitting near their bowl, coming near you..etc)

...can I have that bone now?


I SUPPORTED my hypothesis because at the end of the 7 days, the dog was waiting for food at the designated times. If I were to try this experiment again I would test the intelligence of different dog breeds.