M.E.Ch.A. De CSUN'S Caravan to…

M.E.Ch.A. De CSUN, Rapid Response Network for Immigrants, Guernica De Riverside, and a multitude of other organizations will be traveling to Tijuana, Mexico to deliver humanitarian aid to Deported Immigrants and School Children, and to the womyn's shelters. We’ll be leaving Monday late morning, and come back Sunday afternoon. Shelter will be provided, just bring your sleeping bag and pillows. You don’t need to speak Spanish, all you need is your passport OR a birth certificate and a government ID. COMMUNITY MEMBERS ARE WELCOMED!! You din't have to stay the entire time. Let any of the hosts know if you need a ride, or can drive we'll work everything out.

Close to 4000 people live stranded in homelessness and dire conditions in the river canal that flows along the border between Tijuana and the U.S., many of them former immigrants to the United States who have been deported. They live amid the flow of sewage, suddenly without family, without jobs, without hope of returning to a stable life. Many of these displaced people, men, and also women and children, are victims of abuse by Tijuana police, including beatings, blackmail, and burning of their belongings and shelters. They are also targeted by drug traffickers.

Numerous shelters have been established near the border by different groups and organizations, to help those recently deported and also to reach out to the displaced people in the canal, but many lack basic resources to keep the work going, such as food supplies and clothing.

We invite you to participate in a caravan to hear their stories firsthand and see for yourself what is happening on the border.

Los invitamos a la caravana de apoyo a los inmigrantes desplazados por las políticas anti inmigrantes que han llevado a la deportación de mas de dos millones.. estaremos viajando a la frontera de Tijuana en el esfuerzo bi-nacional por brindarles ayuda de víveres, ropa y calzado y para darle seguimiento con las diferentes organizaciones de Tijuana en el esfuerzo por construir alternativas que pueden aliviar a las condiciones en las que viven las personas desplazadas en el bordo. Por eso les hago la cordial invitación de participar o donar para las necesidades básicas de los inmigrantes.

Please come and support!! It’s completely FREE and the experience is absolutely priceless. If you can't come, then we will be taking donations
MONEY (To donate to the shelters, for expenses like gas)
~FOOD (non perishable)
~UNDERGARMENTS AND SOCKS (male and female, all ages)
~TOILETRIES (soap, shampoo, etc)
~CLOTHES (preferably men, and children, but not toddler)
~BIRTH CONTROL (for the womyn to protect themselves when crossing)
I'll be making stops to pick up donations by Riverside, Oxnard, LA and San Fernando.

If you're in the San Fernando valley, please drop the donations off at CSUN in JR 114

Please contact mechacsuncommunityliaison@gmail.com or contact any of the event hosts for more information:
Raíza Arias, Priscilla Montzerrat Diaz,Marlene Gomez, Eduardo Estrada, Raphael Lopez, Marlon Stern, Jocelyn Moguel, Maria Lorena Barros, Melissa Esquivel, Carlos Herrera, Stephanie Martinez, Antonio Arias, Karina Ortiz Balleza

M.E.Ch.A. De CSUN'S Caravan to Tijuana 2

Monday, April 6th, 10am to Sunday, April 12th, 1pm

Tijuana, Mexico

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.