Treaty of Paris Festival 2015

Annapolis History Festival, September 12th

Annual Treaty of Paris Festival & Alexander Hamilton



The Treaty of Paris Center, based out of Annapolis, Maryland, hosts an annual festival to recognize the importance of Annapolis to the early national government. This day-long festival is packed with programming highlighting the many historic events of note that took place in Annapolis, particularly in 1783-1787 as the newly-independent nation formed a stronger national government.

This year's festival has a special theme, "Alexander Hamilton: George Washington's Indispensable Partner." Join the Treaty of Paris Center and the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society on September 12th to learn more about Alexander Hamilton's connections to Annapolis, particularly his role at the Annapolis Convention that called for the Constitutional Convention.

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Festival Overview

The festival is hosted by The Treaty of Paris Center. For a full list of the festival's many events, walking tours, and special local offers, visit their website.

Alexander Hamilton-related events include:

Friday, September 11th

8 pm: Unveiling of Alexander Hamilton Portrait

Saturday, September 12th

9-10:15 am: Festival opening at Maryland Inn

11-12:30 pm: Events at the Maryland State House

7:15 pm: Evening session at St. John's College

See more below for Hamilton-related event descriptions and directions.

Hamilton-Related Festival Events

Unveiling of Alexander Hamilton Portrait

Friday, Sep. 11th, 8-10pm

55 West St

Annapolis, MD

There will be an unveiling of an Alexander Hamilton portrait at the Annapolis Collection Gallery as part of the pre-festival evening events.

Festival Opening

Saturday, Sep. 12th, 9am

16 Church Cir

Annapolis, MD

The Treaty of Paris Festival opens at 9 am with remarks by the Honorable Maryland State Senator John Astle and Ms. Connie Del Signore, President and CEO of the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference & Visitors Bureau.

This will be followed by a presentation on "The Treaty of Paris Period (1783-87)," by Mark Croatti, Director of the Treaty of Paris Center.

The event is held in the Duke of Gloucester Room in the Maryland Inn.

Events at Maryland State House

Saturday, Sep. 12th, 11am

Maryland State House, Annapolis, MD, United States

Annapolis, MD

The festival's early afternoon session will be held at the Maryland State House, State Circle. The Honorable Mayor of Annapolis Michael Pantelides will make give opening remarks at 11 am in the Old House of Delegates Chamber.

This will be followed immediately by the first talk on "Congress in Annapolis, 1783-84," by Owen Lourie, Historian of the Maryland State Archives.

Then at 11:35, Elaine Rice Bachmann, Acting Deputy State Archivist, will speak on "Washington's Resignation and the Recreation of the Old Senate Chamber." Event attendees will then be invited to tour the newly-restored Old Senate Chamber and interpretive exhibits with members of the Maryland State Archives staff.

Keynote Talk: "Alexander Hamilton: George Washington's Indispensable Partner"

Saturday, Sep. 12th, 7:15pm

60 College Ave

Annapolis, MD

The evening session for the festival will be held in the Francis Scott Key Auditorium at St. John's College beginning at 7:15 with opening remarks by Mark Croatti, the Director of the Treaty of Paris Center.

At 7:30 pm, AHA Society President Rand Scholet presents "Alexander Hamilton: George Washington's Indispensable Partner," a talk which explores the contributions of the key Founding Fathers to George Washington's national public service.

This talk will be followed by a live performance by Benjamin Franklin called"My Thoughts on a New Constitution."

Learn more about Alexander Hamilton and Annapolis

Visit the All Places Hamilton page for Mann's Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland to learn more about Alexander Hamilton and the Annapolis Convention.

The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, also known as The AHA Society, strives to enrich the public's knowledge and understanding of Alexander Hamilton and the Founding period of the United States.

Visit our official website at to learn more about events, presentations, and other initiatives.

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