Paw Prints 🐾 November 2020

The Newsletter of Auburn Early Education Center

Principal's Message

Hello AEEC Families!

Congratulations to Mrs. Abby Brown, AEEC Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Brown is very deserving, as she shows the attributes of a highly effective educator: strong instructional strategies, organized classroom atmosphere, and a major love for all her students, families, and coworkers. We are proud of you Abby!

This month we practice the word gratitude with our students. We will learn to say it, see it, know it, BE IT. Let me start by exercising some gratitude by saying Thank You for all you have done to make this year run smoothly at AEEC, as well as for all of your support with the annual drive. Through your generous donations, we were able to hit our goal and continue on with all of our valuable school projects and initiatives. We will publish final totals after the drive ends Tuesday evening. We love our AEEC parents and community!

With November comes the inevitable ramp up of many school activities. In a separate email we sent the flyers with more info, but here is a quick snapshot of some upcoming activities:

Scholastic Book Fair: Our media center is set up as usual, but the event will look a little different. Please see the email that was sent Nov. 2nd with details on how to browse selections and purchase books. It can also be found here:

Barberitos Spirit Night: Tuesday, November 10th is our monthly Spirit Night. Stop by Barberitos at 1619 Opelika Rd (by the mall) for a delicious and fresh Tex Mex meal. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to AEEC PTO to support our students and teachers.

AEEC Book Bingo: As a reading incentive for students, we are once again holding the AEEC Book Bingo challenge. The students really got into this last year and we had many complete the challenge. Students who return the signed form will receive a book and recognition at the December pep rally.

Veterans’ Day: One of our favorite days of the year is when we welcome our students’ family members and friends who are current or past military members for our Veterans Day celebration. While we are unable to do that this year, we are putting together a virtual program and video message to share with all students, parents, and the AEEC community. Stay tuned for more! Reminder - No School on actual Veterans’ Day Wednesday, November 11th.

Beat Bama Food Drive: We will once again participate in the Beat Bama Food Drive. Last year we brought in 2004 lbs worth of nonperishable food items to support our local community. Wow! Each pod will have a bin for students to drop food as they enter each morning.

Have a wonderful November!

Matt Bruner, Principal

Curriculum News

We are rolling strong into the second quarter of the school year! Our teachers are working hard each and every day with your child(ren). This month for curriculum corner, we are going to focus on ways to practice high frequency words. The terms high frequency words and sights words are often used as synonyms but a sight word is thought of differently when it comes to reading research. Here is a little background on both types of words.

A high frequency word, is a word that is commonly used in speaking, writing, and reading every day. Students come into contact with these words countless times a day and are often the “glue” for young readers to be able to read stories and write stories. High frequency words are often taught before they are phonetically taught because young readers need to be able to automatically recognize them in books that they read (e.g. the, all, from). These words help stories to “make sense.”

A sight word is any word that can be automatically pulled from a child’s lexicon (a person’s vocabulary). Whether it is seen on a flashcard or seen in context of a story. Once a word is stored in a child’s lexicon then it is known as a sight word. Young readers are building words every day to store in their lexicons, and once these words are automatically stored in their lexicons, then it becomes known as a sight word. For example, if your child can read the word “dinosaur” automatically while reading a story aloud to you, then “dinosaur” is a sight word to him or her.

Whether you call it a high frequency word or a sight word, please keep in mind that the purpose of learning these words is to build automaticity of recognizing these “glue” words in reading and writing. Each grade level has a specific list they focus on for each of the nine weeks. When you choose to practice these high frequency words (sight words), please keep the following tips in mind:

1) Look for high frequency words in books, magazines, or any other print and read that word within the context of the sentence.

2) Practice high frequency words by using your entire body (sky write, sidewalk chalk, arm tapping, singing, dancing, etc.)

3) Always see, spell, write the word, and use it in a sentence to build context of the word.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have included high frequency words for each grade level that your child will be learning over the next nine weeks. You can reach me at or call the school at 334-887-4950. Always remember, you are your child’s number one advocate and you play the most important role in your child’s success in school! Thank you!

Kindergarten High Frequency Words

2nd Quarter (End of Quarter): went, my, are, little, he, in, you she, do, with

First Grade High Frequency Words

2nd Quarter (Mid-Assessment): be, have, from, all, your, said, will, who, you, are

2nd Quarter (End of Quarter): the, this, that, what, he, there, with, each, they, which, ask, thank, from, old, stop, them, then, think, were, take

Second Grade High Frequency Words

2nd Quarter (Mid-Assessment): why, think, give, know, would, went, still, ask, where, from

2nd Quarter (End of Quarter): always, around, because, before, many, over, follow, another, picture, again, sentence, away, letter, mother, study, should, different, place, green, answer

Always Be Kind– Dr. Dorman

Title 1 News

The Fall season of the year is such a wonderful time to “FALL into READING! I hope you can find some cozy fall reads to kick off your season of reading as you are gathering your pumpkins, spices, and everything else that is very nice. I hope you find time to read, read, and read some more! I have so many reading books about Fall and Thanksgiving! When you have some time check out some of my favorite stories on My list is full of books from “Turkey Trouble” to “If I Ran for President” and so much more. When you and your child read your favorite book either online, at home, or wherever your cozy place may be, parents please e-mail me, take a picture, and send me your proof . We will be sure to get your child something very nice. I am looking forward to seeing your images of you reading your favorite books; so, email me at!

Counselor News

During the month of November in guidance we will be learning all about the word GRATITUDE, which means being thankful and letting others know you see how they’ve helped you. We will also be learning all about Erin’s Law through our K-2 age-appropriate Safer, Smarter Kids curriculum. For more information about Erin’s law, please visit

A few other topics we will be learning about in guidance classes during the month of November are: understanding diversity, accepting differences in culture, families, and learning. November is going to be an AMAZING month!!!

Nurse News

We would appreciate any clothing donations to update our "Clothing Closet" at school. We are especially in need of boy athletic shorts and girl leggings. Donations may be dropped off in the front office or sent to school with your child.

Thank you for your continued support in making sure that all of the students at AEEC are staying well. Parents are the first line of defense and we truly appreciate you keeping your child home when he/she is ill. Communication is also key. You are doing a superb job of contacting the front office or homeroom teacher when your child is absent and stating the reason for the absence. Keep up the great work! Please utilize the Alabama Department of Health link as needed.

Media Center News

Library classes have continued working on the genre fiction and have been introduced to animal and realistic fiction. Students have also explored our Destiny Library Search and have searched for books by keyword, title and author. Augmented Reality was introduced to students via the Merge Cube. I hope you enjoyed making a Merge Cube at home with your child. Information about our Fall Book Fair and how we are staying COVID 19 compliant, came home in Monday folders. You can also find information about the Fall Book Fair on our AEEC website. Since little eyes are watching you, “Set a good example and read for your own pleasure and information every day at home, in a room without television.” - Scholastic

Music and Art News

This month in Music, we have completed our units on the Instruments of the Orchestra. We journeyed through Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and can identify the different characters and the instruments used to represent them. We have also been having a blast with our fall-themed music lessons - our favorite songs are “Pass the Pumpkin” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” We are beginning to look ahead to Veterans Day, discovering what it means to be a veteran, and learning more about patriotic music and the importance of music in our country. (Mrs. Schiller)

Many thanks go out to those of you who participated in our Square1Art fundraiser! Our orders are currently set to arrive at school shortly before Thanksgiving break and will be sent home with your child shortly thereafter. Also, a huge thank you to the second grade families who donated old t-shirts for weaving; second graders have begun their collaborative class weavings and we’re all super excited to see how they turn out! First and second grade has also been learning about symmetry and using it in some symmetrical printing projects while kindergarten has been showing some awesome creativity with their monster drawings and paintings. All students are also participating in a collaborative eagle head for our virtual Veterans Day program by creating unique feathers. (Mrs. Basgier)

PTO News

Click on the MySchoolBucks link to purchase your AEEC PTO membership for the 20-21 school year.

Barberitos Spirit Night is Tuesday, November 10. Be sure to tell them you're with AEEC!

Thank you for all of your support during the Color Me AEEC Annual Drive. This critical drive supports so many aspects of our school!

Upcoming Dates for AEEC

November 2-13 Book Fair

November 11 Veterans Day/No School

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holidays