The Annexation

The Overthrow Of The Hawaiian Kingdom


The annexation to the Hawaiian Kingdom could not have been possible without the snakes that came out of the bushes to snag the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The three thieves’ of sovereignty were minister John L. Stevens, President Benjamin Harrison and President William McKinley.

Historical Significance

Hawaii's annexation could not be possible without the three me men who help steal Hawaii's sovereignty. Minister John L. Stevens, president Benjamin Harrison and president William McKinley were the affected Hawaii in the long run because now Hawaiian people are slowly decreasing so eventually the race may not be in existence. I want who ever is reading this news bulletin to understand the Hawaiian land is not rightfully American land.

Is Hawaii Legally And Lawfully A State Of The Union?

By all the document that were signed yes, Hawaii is legally and lawfully a state . But the the question should be "is Hawaii rightfully a state of the union?" I say no through all the tear she's of the Hawaiian people Hawaii was stolen from it's own people. So yes Hawaii is lawfully a state by paper but no Hawaii is not a state that morally embedded into the state if the union.

Supplemental information

Below is a picture of a political cartoon. The significance of the cartoon is it show a picture of American eating a big juicy burger that represent annexation. The cartoon is basically showing that annexation is "good and fore filling".
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Supplemental information #2

The picture below shows one Hawaii's leaders, queen Liliuokalani. I'm showing Liliuokalani because she proofs how much of snakes the men who overthrew her nation were. She created a new constitution to help her people to be thrown under the bus and to be held prisoner by Sanford B. Dole's government. With pride queen Liliuokalani surrender to the the U.S government.
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