Computer Maintenance

Cleaning your Computer

There are many parts to clean in your computer such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and etx. You must not have a dirt computer or parts of computer because it or the parts might not work well and it just doesn't look nice. First step for cleaning your keyboard is to unplug it, Second step it to turn it sideways to remove any dust or dirt, If you want use a can of compressed air and spay lightly on surface if not use a wipe to clean it, you may do other thing if it isn't clean enough yet like getting a cloth and rubbing alcohol and wipe the keys but if you do this step do not pour rubbing alcohol directly to the keys. To clean more look at the webpage

Keep it COOL

When using a computer you must keep it cool and keep the airflow flowing do not restrict the airflow. When you feel heat that almost burns your legs its overheating , And you do not want that to happen.