Arctic Light Elementary

September 3rd, 2019

Upcoming Events

  • Sept 4th - PTA Meeting 4pm Library

  • Sept. 11th - Open House 5:30-6:30pm

  • Sept. 12th - Running Club Meet at Chena Lakes Rec Area 5:30pm

  • Sept. 13th - Social for 5-8th grades

  • Sept 25th - Picture Day

  • Sept. 26th - Running Club Meet at Chena Lakes Rec Area 5:30pm

  • Sept. 27th - District Professional Development (No School for Students)

  • Oct. 5th - PTA Fall Festival

Principal Keener's Message...

Strong study habits are key to learning.

On Wednesday, September 11th, 5:30-6:30pm we have our OPEN HOUSE. This is a great time to clarify those educational questions as well as clear up those teacher expectations for learning.

While each year learning the new teacher's style may take a bit of time good study habits will transfer year to year. Having routines for when you come home to where important papers are kept makes a big difference. Special places to read can extend a child's reading time as well as a special table to do their homework. Probably one of the more important habits is when a student knows his/ her skill levels in both ELA and Mathematics.

Our Intermediate students have recently completed the nationally normed MAP Test. This skills assessment provides insights into a students' Reading and Math compared to the rest of the nation. Many of our families find this very helpful and our students should be exceedingly alert to their scores. When a student knows their level of performance they are able to zero in on their areas of need and make realistic learning goals for the year. Our Primary students have a similar assessment, AIMs, and are almost done. Ask your child.

At our OPEN HOUSE, September 11th, please check-in with your teacher about educational expectations. Additionally, if you don't know your child's current level of performance do ask. When you know, make sure your child knows and understands his/ her way to improve.

Here's to a Great School Year.

Mr. Keener

Front Office Reminders

- You have 2 days to call in and excuse absences for your students to the front office.

- Please do not stop in the road to pick your student up. Please pick them up in the school loops at dismissal.

- Please make sure you bring in your ID when picking up your child or signing a student out.

- If you have someone other than yourself or primary guardian picking up your student please make sure they are updated in your emergency contacts here at the school.

We are a Title 1 School

We are a Title I school. Title I provides supplemental federal funding to schools to support student learning. Funding is based on the percentage of students that qualify for free/reduced lunch.

The additional funds help us to provide increased family involvement opportunities, additional professional development and supplemental academic support for our students.

If you would like to learn more about our Title I program and funds, please contact the school office at any time. We are eager to have your input and ideas as we continually review our plan and create a program that will provide our students enriched opportunities for academic success.

For more information please follow this link to our school page.

Arctic Light Title 1 Information

Counselor News

Classes have begun going to the Life Skills Room for 30-minute lessons, roughly every other week. Younger primary classes are learning about kindness (giving compliments, asking to help, and thanking people). Older primary classes are talking about the different communities we all belong to with an introduction to different careers students are working towards learning. Intermediate and middle school classes have begun reviewing concepts around Mindfulness (Mindful Awareness). This involves awareness of how one is feeling and knowledge to take action to manage different feelings and thoughts for stress reduction, and improved relationships with others.

Homework for older students will be to practice Three Good Things, which is taking time to review 3 good moments of each day to balance out the negativity bias of the brain. This practice has been found to help people realize what they enjoy and spend more time doing those activities, and to appreciate the positive that can be found in each day (practicing Optimism).

Kate LaSota

School Counselor

Arctic Light Elementary


Free and Reduced Lunch

Parents and guardians, remember to complete your free and reduced lunch applications.

Nutrition Services has made it easier for families to apply for free or reduced priced meals. We encourage you to apply online anytime using an Internet enabled computer or with the Smartphone app. You can complete and submit an application in minutes! Just follow the link below.

If you need assistance or have any questions please feel free to contact the front office or Nutrition services at

(907) 451-1004 x16600

School Cafe How To: Click Here

Learn how to complete your free and reduced lunch application through nutrition services!


Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 4pm

4167 Neely Road

Fairbanks, AK

Join us to discuss ways to improve Arctic Light for our students. Fall Festival and Title I programming will be discussed during the meeting in the Library.
Band and Ochestra Fee Schedule

Is your student in band or orchestra? Follow the button below to see the newly assed course fee. The fee can be given to your students teacher or can be paid at the front office.

STEMtastics Club Instructor

Be an instructor for our after school STEMtastic's Club.