Picture Day Photo Information

Tuesday April 28th

Please Be On Time For Your Photo

Picture Day for all dancers is this Tuesday April 28th at St. Paul School Gym. This is also our last regular dance class evening and dancers will be having their pictures taken either before or after class. Please come with your dancers hair French braided, make-up is optional. Please see the list below for your dancers scheduled picture time. BE READY 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED PICTURE TIME. There are two dressing rooms available at the school for the dancers to change in. They will not be dancing in their costumes, so please have their regular dance attire there for them to change into. Please bring your form passed out last week, filled out, and have a cheque(made out to Greg Halinda Photography) or the exact amount of cash.

Picture Times:

Sonechko- 5:15PM(before dance class)

Kachinata- 5:55PM(after dance class)

Arkan Shot-6:45PM(before dance class, Hutsul)

Veselka and Lastivka- 6:50PM (before dance class, Transcarpathian Costume)

Zirka- 7:55PM(after dance class, Hutsul Costume)

Adult Class- 8:50PM


Full Package ($31.50 including GST) includes:

1-8x10 Portrait, 1-5x7 Portrait, 4-wallet portraits, 1-5x7 Section group portrait

Small Package ($24.15 including GST) includes:

1-5x7 individual portrait, 1-5x7 Section group portrait

Additional 8x10 individual / section portrait ($21.50 including GST)

Additional 5x7 individual / section portrait ($15.75 including GST)

Additional wallet portraits (set of 4) ($15.75 including GST)

Coffee mug 15oz. ceramic ($21.25 including GST)

Aluminum water bottle 600ml ($31.50 including GST)

Magnetized wallet portraits (set of 4) ($21.00 including GST)

Tree ornament ($15.75 including GST)

Key chain ($19.00 including GST)


Great job Avrora Dance Group on your successful weekend in St. Paul. We hope you had a fun weekend. Sending a special shout out to Nancy who did a wonderful job in organizing this event, THANK YOU! Thank-you to Shaelyn for coming and leading the troops to victory. To Charlene for bring all the steamers and heapieces, thank you!

Fort McMurray Ukrainian Cultural Society

Brenda Muir, President

Clarissa Vargo, Vice President

Nancy Slukynski, Vice President