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Tales of Booking from Scratch

Tales of Booking from Scratch...

So….I’m sure many of you saw the post on the team page last week. I didn’t send out a newsletter because I was spending ALL of my time on booking up my personal business. Yes…it happens to ALL of us. We think we have our calendar SET and lookin GOOD….and then everything kind of falls apart.

I started January with 5 trunk shows on the books. While I was at Directors Conference….I had 2 cancellations AND two more of my hostesses thinking about cancelling! YIKES! Give me a heart attack! I managed to save 3 shows….but that wasn’t going to be enough. See…this year I have set BIG goals for myself. I also wasn’t willing to wait to book until I was at my shows. (thank goodness I didn’t do that…I only booked ONE!)

One week ago today…..I had ZERO shows on my calendar for February. I had $800 in personal sales for January. I had one prospect for a stylist.

Not what you want……………………………………So I put my big girl panties on and did something about it.

One week later….I have $2,900 in personal sales, 1 trunk show left this month, 4 booked trunk show for February, 3 events (I don’t count these as actual trunk shows, 2 March shows and 1 April show. AND now I have THREE prospects for stylists!!

Yes…this week is much better than last. So ….. how did I do it? Keep reading….

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DON'T Panic! Be Strategic!

My first instinct was to call a few people who I thought would host. But then I one likes desperation! So I decided to organize a blitzing plan.

1. Mailed out 35 Look Books ~ Personalized Notes

2. Emailed Contacts February Valentines Special Trunk Show

3. Red Stamp Text ~ With Personalized Note

4. Personal Emails

5. Went Hooking For Shows at Nordstrom

6. Asked EVERYONE at my two shows to book a show

7. Booked my OWN Show For the 30th. Sample & Spring Preview.

8. Followed-Up all of this with phone call

This is nothing's actually very text book. I decided I should work from ALL angles vs just one mass blast. worked!

Was it fun....Well...not really...but I do love a good challenge.

SOLUTION: ASK EVERYONE at trunk shows if they'd like to host. What do you have to lose? NOTHING. They will say yes or no...and that's that!

Looking for more inspiration....look no further than the lounge! Take the 2 hour booking challenge TODAY!

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Bring Home January!

There are 2 days left in the month....share the love and offer the opportunity to a few ladies. Don't over complicate it! Use this 60 Day Script....

"You should do this...the company is so fabulous and the opportunity is a should at least try it out! You can do our 60 Day program that allows you to really get your feet wet with Stella & Dot. Here's how it works....When you sign up with our $499 business kit, you get $1,100 in jewelry and everything you need to do a few shows. We will give you a free e-boutique during these 60 days. You can easily make back your investment by just doing 4 trunk shows. One can be yours...and the other three can be from family or friends. actually have several $100 in your pocket too. The icing on the cake is that you'll earn $450 free jewelry during this 60 day period by just doing those 4 shows. You can decide the level you want to do Stella & Dot during and after those 60 days. You might find you want to be a hobbyist and just sell to family and friends, you might find 2 trunk shows a month is good, or maybe you've found your new calling.'s style your life so you get to choose. So what do you think? Ready to give it a whirl???"
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I believe in YOU!

I know that this has been a TOUGH MONTH for many of you. Guess too! We all have these months.'s part of the business. If this job was a home run over and over...everyone would be doing it.

YOU are doing it because YOU are special! YOU had vision and reason for starting. YOU can still make that happen. You have to believe and want MORE than you doubt. You have to work hard. You have to step out of your comfort zone. YES YOU CAN!

I believe in YOU!