Special Education Staff Newsletter

September 2021

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our amazing Special Education staff. We are looking forward to seeing you in person as we visit your sites. We realize that the start of the school year has had some staffing challenges and the Special Education Department wants to acknowledge your hard work and efforts during this time as you continue to do what's best for our students. Please know that we are putting systems in place to address these needs.


Nereida Gutierrez

Director, Special Education

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Professional Development

The Special Education Department has scheduled a variety of professional development topics for you throughout the school year. In addition we will be holding monthly office hours. Please refer to the attached link for a list of topics.

2021-22 Special Ed Plan

In addition, NCCSE has trainings throughout the year. Please reach out to your site principal and Special Ed Supervisor for approval. NCCSE Professional Development Opportunities

SpEd Guidelines Shared Drive

Just a reminder that we have a shared google drive called "SpEd Guidelines" that stores all of our office hour notes and important documents. Please take some time to explore the drive if you haven't already.

SpEd Guidelines Shared Drive

We need your feedback

The state has granted additional funds for learning recovery and we need your input. Please let us know how you would like to see the additional funding utilized to assist our students.

Learning Recovery Funds Survey

Important IEP Timeline Reminder & SEIS Tips

All IEPs and Triennials due by October 8, 2021 MUST be completed by October 1, 2021 due to CALPADS reporting.

Please reach out to your Special Education Site Supervisor should you need additional support.

2021-22 Special Ed Site Supervisors

SEIS Friday Tips

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