Literacy Intervention

Your First Grade Adam's All Star

A Warm Hello from Mrs. Labay

This is my second year at Adams Elementary, and I am delighted to be here this year as a full-time member of the kindergarten through 4th grade literacy intervention team. At appointed times during the year, our literacy team does many assessments to see who would benefit from supplemental reading/writing instruction. Children invited to take part in the program are those who, according to test results, would benefit most from extra help in reading and writing. Currently, your child is receiving 30 minutes of specialized small group literacy instruction 4-5 times a week for 10 weeks.

Phonics Workout

Yes, your Adam's All Star is learning to hunk and chunk words through a phonics workout!

Brain research has shown that movement greatly supports and enhances learning. So far, your Adam's All Star has been introduced to the above hunks and chunks. These are the pictures that prompt the movement and chants for each chunk. I encourage you to ask your student to share the workout with you!