Narrative Essay

by Sara

Only three hours

The day all started when I received the call of my life.I have won 10,000 dollars but only three hours to spend it.I was so happy but so anxious.What can a person do in three hours during Halloween ?The thoughts in head were ,what should I do,with who.Then I had an idea!The spooky night passed on and I forgot the idea.”Now what” I thought to myself.I only had three hours!

I woke up and couldn’t even eat breakfast.After getting ready and get dressed I had an idea.I called the only girls that are up for any type adventure...Yuliana,Nataly, and Jessica.They are my best friends in the whole wide world.Yuliana came in 10 minutes to my house and we talked.So many ideas went through the room.We decided to go to Knotts Scary Farm.We picked up the phone and called Nataly and Jessica.We had Jessicas parents drop us off and my parents to pick us up.We we about 3 miles away from Knotts and the car broke down.The girls and I decided to walk the rest of the way.Then about 10 minutes into our walk we heard something behide us.

We turned around slowly and saw a clown.It was behind us the whole time.After being shocked for a couple of seconds we decided to walk faster.The clown got closer and closer. Until a miracle happened… when I saw the Knotts Berry Farm sign.Thats when we ran and turned around...the clown was gone!It was such a relief.We got there and payed.It all came out to 250 dollars.We got in and saw many ghost and clowns tring to scare us when no one did.We went to get icecream and paid 50 dollars for it.After we got out the clown came up to me and made me drop my icecream.The girls ran and the clown got Yuliana and asked her…….. “What time is it?” We all began to laugh so hard!So we had told him that it was 2:00.

Oh no!We only had 1 hour left.We decided to eat at a fancy restaurant that no one has been to.We took 10 minutes to get there.Everyone ordered their food.After that we got dessert.It was a big sweet tasety cake.We paid 300 dollars for the food.The desert that Yuliana got a the cake that turned out to be 400 dollars.Now we only had 20 minutes so we went to the mall.We got cloths,shoes.and everyone got I phones.We had 1 dolllar left so we spend it on a drink.Then began to walk home.

We dropped off Jessica first then Nataly ,then Yuliana.I had so much fun and we spent most of our Iphones.I had a good day with all my friend and we all got new phones.I hope I can do this another day.Now I gotta go put contacts on my new phone!