Healing Faith Uganda

2015 Update and Summary

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The ministry has had so much growth this year. We are so thankful for His guidance and love as we continue to do work in the villages. We have been able to move into new villages and partner with wonderful ministries already here to work together to help the people of Uganda. We continue to have groups come and work with us, and it's especially wonderful when we have kids who come with groups who saved their money and actually help hang the nets. It's energizing to see these young people feel empowered by what they are able to do, and to see and feel their hearts to serve others. We have been blessed enough to hire on more Ugandan staff to help educate and hang nets in prevention of Malaria. Our futball (soccer) ministry continues to amaze us as new people show up and we are able to share a game and His word. We continue to build upon the relationships that we have made in the village and hope to continue to move into new areas with His guidance and care.

2015 Net Summary

Ugandan life can still have trials and tribulations. We love Uganda, but everyday life can be challenging at times. This year Kari was ill for a couple of months, it took several different trips to the hospital and seeing several different doctors before she was able to get a definitive and correct diagnosis. Once the medicine kicked in, Kari was finally able to feel back to normal. The kids had a stomach bug that seemed to linger, as things like these do when you have five little ones running around. We have seen friends and family come and go throughout the year. The visitors we have are so energizing for us and the kids and we also to get a glimpse of home which is always nice. But it is often sad when they leave. Electricity will still go out at inopportune times, and internet access can be spotty. But we are so blessed to be able to chuckle at some of the things we see that to westerners make no sense. We are humbled at the people who come to us for spiritual guidance, and we are thankful for His guidance, grace and love to get through it all and continue to thrive here.